Urgent help needed

Hello everyone, this is my first post, I need serious help, I’ve been married for 9 years and I have 2 kids, my husband now wants to divorce me and is having a relationship with my sister, he says stuff like he doesn’t find me attractive and things like that, look I’m no fool I know divorce happens but deep down in my heart I know that he is just going through a phase with my sister and my sister is a big manipulator so I don’t entirely blame him, I’ve been reading through peoples stories and found a liking for sallos but I have no experience at all with what to do, I’m not going to allow my sister to destroy my family because there’s way too much at stake here it’s not just about my husband, please assist, thanks

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Step One: Banish your sister. Not worth having around if she’s going to be like that. Banish her out of your and his life.


Duke Sallos seems a good choice as he is said to make partners stay faithful to each other.

As you are newbie

Also you can write a letter to Duke Sallos. stating your condition and what you want to happen.


I also will second Duke Sallos for suure. He’s powerfullll.


Hi is that really possible and how?

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The same way you banish an entity. Just insert her name while doing it and intensely visualize her leaving your lives. You might want to specify that you don’t want her harmed in the process if you care.

Use the search function and look up Banishing. You should find plenty.

And yes it’s possible. People will testify to their success in doing it.

After you’re done with it just know that it is done. Feel successful. Have a glass of wine and forget about it :blush:

Will do thank you, no definitely don’t want to kill her that’s my own flesh and blood just want her to not influence our lives anymore, thanks again

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Banish your husband as well, you do not want around yourself a guy who cheated you with your own sister …


I would definitely if I didn’t know any better, but I know every single detail of events, he’s no saint but he got played well, and he is normally a very good person and father, always doing good helping people, so I can’t just say he’s evil when I know that’s not the case, besides my girls need him as much as they need me

I would also advise this personally and just manifest a better lover in your life but it’s your decision

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Your girls need a good example of how they should be treated.

Understood thanks

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Personally I’d be summoning the spirits of Smith and Wesson.

Seriously though, banish them both and start over.

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Duke Sallos is a very good choice. Helpful and easy to work with. He will help you.