2 questions about Lilith

i got 2 questions 2 u bois
1 is lilith able to speak as a male?

2 is Morrigan (goddess) a mask of lilith?
i tried to contact the morrigan and i heared Lilith’s voice making fun of me, later i read from a book that lilith and morrigan are the same so im asking you guys what are your thoughts about this

I think you probably got an impostor.

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I agree, Lilith has been nothing but loving and patient to me. Doesn’t strike me as the type to waste her time making fun of someone. Seems very…beneath her.


Lilith does have a male aspect, which I have evoked.
I don’t think She will make fun of you unless there is a reason for it (for e.g., you said something funny or there is something for you to learn); otherwise, Lilith is loving Mother.

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C’mon, you know it was coming! You’re here for some time now yet you have no intro post, so you know the drill :stuck_out_tongue: Please click the link and introduce yourself to us :blush:



i told her that she was useless for me and i was never call her again

why would you do that?

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@chi because she got an imposter spirit apparently.

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yup :slight_smile:

Though i would continue studying the real Lilith & Morrigan. As for your earlier question as to tge male aspect of Lilith it’s called the Lilu.


Yes but in the past haven’t you been really rude to Lilith?

I can see her doing that based on your history

if im being rude is because i think its an impostor