I can not sing but wish to sing like Mariah Carey

Hello i can not sing but i wish to sing in the exact same voice as
Mariah Carey
how do i get that and how much will it cost me to have such a ritual or spell casted over me from distance ?

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You can’t do this without having the exact same larynx as her, and you probably need perfect pitch.
To change your voicebox is next-level shapechanging that takes years to master if ever.

Try Paimon for encouragement, and start meditating, but call that a Plan B - and in the meantime, get voice lessons.


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This forum isn’t a marketplace, going on the internet saying “I don’t know anything about magick, but am really in need, shut up and take my money” is… not wise.

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Whatever you’re aiming for, it’s not possible unless you devote years into a specific and very misunderstood craft.

I am a musician, I play multiple instruments and also sing. I can tell you that you have to have perfect pitch, and the pipes for it. Myself, I have a 3 octave range, but still cannot hit some of the notes she does. I don’t sing or play that kind of music, but the talent for that is something you’re born with, and it has to be developed by good coaching and alot of practice. Good luck!