Powerful Love Ritual


I have some questions for the spell above
I can do it for a girl who is not in the country right now she’s in Spain (I have to use a candle or I can cut it in two I do not wait long after the candle to burn) ?
If I had a pice of hair form her and I could put it on the girl picture?
At 1:00 am ok to do the spell (if English is not my native language I can translate what I say in the spell above in my language I do not think it would be a problem)
Can i put the candle on a smaller plate on the picture with the heart (so i can use it again and for security reasons).
After the spell is done what i do whit the picture and the left overs form the candle ?
I’m new and that’s why I ask more questions, sorry for trouble
I would appreciate if you respond quickly @C.Kendall

A good day

Have you read the whole thread? If so you will know that it’s a requirement to post an introduction before posting questions.

Then go and do the tutorials and they will tell you how to search the site to find most of the answers to your questions.

Sorry for the inconvenience

@C.Kendall after the candle has completely burned, what should we do with the paper with the heartagram?

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How do I pm I would like to pm please


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This is entirely up to you … however I would burn the paper of the heartagram and feeling the flames burning the symbol releasing your desire into this world.


I wasn’t sure I was thinking I had to do a introduction thanks for telling me

I followed the instructions given, then I took the candle remains and wrapped them in the sigil paper and put it in my closet facing south. I also “set it and forget it”, as is usual with all spells. I got frustrated because I wasn’t seeing results as soon as I’d have liked, so I just did other things to take my mind off of it. It took about a month, but he started calling me again. The other woman in the picture is no longer an issue, and he’s spending nights at my home again probably 3 nights a week.

It works y’all…


What can I use if I don’t have a picture of one of the people and not able to get it


Typically full name and d.o.b. on a piece of paper works


Do I need to have some connection with astaroth for the ritual to work?


Seeing results step by step.

I also want to publicly thank Satan-Lucifer and Innana-Astarte for both helping to win over my person of interest and overcome my competition.


I have a couple questions, if you don’t mind?
Can you do this spell to bring yourself and another together, or does it have to be two separate people you’re doing it on?

What would be the best time for maximum results? New, or full moon?

And lastly, do you have to call upon Astarte, or can it be any diety of love? Like Aphrodite, Duke Sallos, or Lotir?
I ask this, because I had an experience once with Astaroth that completely backfired, so I so if someone had a negative experience, would Astarte better correct choice?
Thank you for your feedback.


Hi. Do the words have to be memorized or can they be said as I read them?

OK I just read the words off this page and did it as written for myself and this girl but tweaked it slightly so it wouldn’t/shouldn’t affect me. Instead of “you will both” I said “[girl’s name] you will”. I’m kind of still a bit of a skeptic. Let’s just say this girl is pining after her ex. They broke up 6 months ago after 8 years and she kinda tolerated me but flat out ignored me too. “Disdain” would be an accurate term, especially cos she disapproved of me fucking a girl who has a boyfriend we know. No magick used there, it just happened organically. Anyhoo I decided to “test” this. Looks like it’s working. She was all chat to me this evening… :flushed: So this has started to work in some capacity even though I was skeptical and didn’t leave the red candle burn for too long! I’m gonna wait and see… Don’t worry, I do like her, I’m not going to fuck her over!


Cinema date went reasonably well! Sat talking for a good hour afterwards. Still working!


Months have passed since I’ve tried this magic. What happened was that I met the person a few days later at a festival where there were over 50,000 people. He was the first person I saw as soon as I arrived and I know he saw me too. But nothing happened. WITH ME it did not work. I tried other things quite a while later and it worked in days.


If you say it didn’t work that’s because you didn’t give it time, and now by saying it doesn’t work you’ve sent out your intention for it not to work.

Your the one who made this rite fail no one else, just do it again, be patient, believe in yourself and the ritual and push your intention to achieve your goal.


@C.Kendall and so speaks the voice of reason!

It takes time! It takes intention! You haven’t got a clue what else needs to unravel first in the target’s life to make room for you!

Make yourself more interesting to that person, that’s what I’m doing.