Who was this Death Goddess? Solved: Hel

That sounds like Hel, Badb or Hekate lol. They all be tough ladies but amazing to be around or work with :wink:

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I’ll try and talk to her again and we’ll see what happens.

No matter what, this is going to be interesting.


I’m going to pretend that you didn’t type that. That movie was an absolute disgrace to every god and Goddess that was featured.

If the gods could sue, I would highly recommend that they did so.


I honestly don’t think they’d see it like that? From blogs I’ve read, people that have worked with them that have liked the movies said they didnt have any issue.

I will concede that some people like the movie, however, I hated the portrayals. Maybe I’m just not a fan of modern Cinema.

I’ve often said that I was born in the wrong decade, or even the wrong century.

To Modern yuppies, every single new movie that comes out is a cinematic Masterpiece, and I’m just sitting there, staring forlornly at my bucket of overpriced popcorn, and my yacht priced cheap cardboard container of sugar water, staring sadly at Silver Screen which is supposed to be depicting the greatest heroes of Valhalla, and seeing it being cheapened down to… whatever the hell that movie was.

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I like to think the gods find it flattering because it gets an image of them out to people who normally wouldn’t even think about them and then who knows, maybe that person will go seek them out and develop a relationship.


It’s okay. When it comes to Marvel they butcher Deities and always have.
I don’t find their films entertaining but my hubby does so I watch them.


Comics routinely destroy great legendary deities. Zarathos, Mephistopheles, Thor, Loki, you name it, they’ve ruined it.

Sorry if I’m shiting on anybody’s riff here, but that’s just how I feel about modern Cinema.

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No, I get it, kind of like the misrepresentation of King Paimon in that newest sad-sack flick.


When Tom Hiddleston came out as Loki in the movies, I used to think of him as my alter ego/ what I’d want to be like if I ever got into magick and BAM.

Obviously my younger dream didn’t become what i thought BUT he did inspire me. I wouldn’t have known about him without it.

I don’t agree with those horror films that mock but Marvel wasn’t trying to do an insult and I feel like they put a lot of effort into making them look good.

I will, I have a 12-hour shift ahead of me, so I can definitely listen to what she has to say.

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If she allows it, sure.

It’s been awhile since I opened this topic up. I want to give an update to anybody who wanted to know how things were going.

She came to me tonight, I called upon her in order to help certain spirit that were trapped at a location move on, she came, and she took them.

She then began to ask me where her alter was? Whenever I told her that I hadn’t built it yet she said, then I’ll take my payment from your life force, she reached into my chest, and yanked out a chunk of my auric body.

This put me on the ground, writhing in pain.

She then asked me, how do you expect to be my priest, if you can’t take a piece of your body being ripped out?

I managed to heal myself by drawing energy from the Earth to fill in the gaping hole in my chest, before addressing her and saying that I can handle any amount of pain that she wants to put me through.
I then requested that you give me my chest back. After we had a discussion which I will not go into detail about, she gave me my chest back, (God it that doesn’t sound weird), and continue to tell me things about being her priest.

As I was starting to feel comfortable again, she told me that I should pay special mind to the spark of death that she placed in my chest along with putting me back together.

The small spark of death that she placed within me then exploded, coursing throughout my entire body, bringing almost unparalleled levels of Agony with it that was not felt on a spiritual level, this was physical. I felt what seemed like tiny tendrils running down every single part of my body, ripping through my body as they went.

She then taught me how to bring it back into Center, and bring the tendrils back into the spark itself.

My body has been physically altered it feels, everything is slightly numb. Nothing feels right anymore.

She told me that it will eventually kill me, and that for the rest of my life there will always be a tiny pain that I will have to endure, but she’s told me that I am now one of her priests. And I couldn’t be prouder.

I am a warrior priest of death, a priest of the goddess of death herself, Hela.

Unfortunately, this did come with a price, due to who I have accepted as my Patron goddess, I will never be welcomed in Valhalla. Although I will be allowed to bring Warriors to Valhalla, I will never be welcomed. Such is death.


I want to give a final update on this subject.

The goddess Hel is not to be trifled with.
Do not pursue this field if you’re fickle of heart, or unsure that this is the path you want to pursue.

Her gifts are many, her reach is long, and there is little that she cannot accomplish.

I’ve worked with hundreds of beings in my time on this Earth, everything from simple ghosts and phantasms, to some of the most powerful beings from the Lesser key, and even a few beyond that. But most anything I felt from those beings was a spiritual feeling, something that tug at my astral body.

Hel is creating physical change in my physical body, The Entity that was contained within the spark of death creates physical Sensations when he is brought forth, either via his own volition, or if I call him, and I can feel his tendrils as they work their way through my body, I can feel his tendrils on the back of my head whenever he comes to look through my eyes. And those tendrils never stop moving. I haven’t checked, but I’m confident that if I wait until he’s looking through my eyes, that I will see my hair’s moving as his tendrils touch the back of my head and sometimes wraparound to the front of my face.

This is not a cautionary Tale, this is not me telling other people to avoid working with her and learn from my mistakes, this is simply me saying that if you plan on working with her, be sure that is what you want.


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I’m really glad to hear the update :slight_smile:
From what I hear that’s really like her.
I hope it goes well, keep us posted!

Hel comes to me in either maiden form before she entered Helheim, A corpse/skeleton queen on throne, or half skull maiden. She is very quiet, does not judge. Pretty cold, but also very loving with me actually. She will let me cry and pat my head. But it is in an ‘aw cute human’ way. So she doesn’t relate with emotions, but she has been present with me and does hold space for the deaths in our lives, helps it not to be not as traumatic and grounds it. Most of the other spirits in my life tend to really push me and she is the one who is super chill. Which I aspire to be more like to be honest.

She has shown me affection in the past, but I definitely do want to point out that if she says that something has to be a certain way, it is going to be that certain way.

She is definitely cold, at least in her attitude, but, she can be very affectionate, even to the point where she held me close one time.

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Ya for sure. Very strong and doesn’t tolerate BS.

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