Blood Offerings

Bear in mind that some tubes have heparin in them!

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Thanks for the info. I’ll look for the glass kind.

The blood you see here was drawn from using a lancet in a ritual I was doing. Seems like enough for what I was doing.


Nice! :blush: Yes it is some thing i want to have that lance lets. I don’t like to cut so yes thats a Quick and pain less metod. And drawing with blood makes it thiner so you could do some with that i see. :grin:

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Good to know. I hope they put that info in the produkt description.

Cut your middle finger with a dagger(or razor; my personal preference) and allow it to flow FREELY AND DIRECTLY FROM YOU! Using syringes or anything else in that matter that allows you to make the shit easier is not apart of ritual. The pain that you feel when you cut yourself is a key component in the transcendental experience of offering blood, especially if your offering blood to activate a seal or sigil in preparation for invocation.


Even though those candles are lit, that picture itself has an electromagnetic auric feeling when looking at it👍

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i dont think it s dangerous as a doctor, take a 1 cc syringe , clean your skin with alkohol any where you could find a vein or artery inject that when yhe head of syringe brcome red the niddle is in right place aspirate whatever you want . safe and easy☺


Yes, I completely respect that you are a Doctor.
Nothing to say about the needle being sterilised and single use? You know…to avoid infections. Cellullitis is nasty, and even the remote posibility of getting necrositing fascitis makes me shiver!

Also, it is not 100% alcohol what you apply to the skin. It is 2% chlorhexidine with 70% alcohol.

Also…As far as I am aware, unless they are anaesthetists or work really closely with haematology, doctors actually don’t take blood samples at all. :thinking:

Ok so the feeling of pain is a part of the hole thing. If so can you describe that for me? :thinking:

I only can speak from personal experience with it. The more you shed blood of yourself in ritual the less the pain is present. The less fear you have and the contemplation of doing it in all. When you hit your toe on a corner or something with an angle that causes instant and unexpected pain your brain is in temporary shock at that moment and a form of worry/fear arises. When you incur pain on yourself intentionally, you’re telling the mind that it is ok and that it doesn’t hurt, why, because your ultimate end is to complete a ritualistic task. Once the brain ia trained in that aspect the mind eliminates that immediate response of fear/panic and you no longer possess it. This is power in itself and can be and will be consciously and subconsciously activated in times of need.

Ok i know what you mean. Thx for The info. :love_you_gesture::grin:

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a doctor and a late junky

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So deep, much wow.:thinking:

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Is there a non pussy version of this question somewhere…fuck all the " it’s not the right way…your gonna get an infection" blah blah whine whine. It hurts…use some crayons if I can’t stand the prick…!!! Or use your tampon!! Because it’s not any men replying to this yet obviously…what works as far as charging the damn sigial…

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