Is Hades real?

If so, does he rule over the Underworld? What would be this Underworld?
Does anyone knows anything about him?


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Hades is real and you can summon spirits of underworld through Hades. but be sure to understand what you are getting into. At first you should read posts about necromancy before getting into it.


But what would be this Underworld? Cause according with the myths it would be like a hell. A place that people go after die. Is something like this?

Not quite.

The Greek underworld is where everyone goes when they die, both the good and the bad, and even the gods and demigods (yes, gods can die in Greek mythology). It is a vast kingdom, with many different levels. The Elysium Fields are where the good souls wind up, and Tartarus is where the wicked souls go. It is also where Zeus imprisoned the Titans after the Olympians defeated them. The Christian “Hell” was based on the concept of Tartarus, not simply the underworld.

Hades rules both the Elysium Fields (“Heaven”) and Tartarus (“Hell”) and is the warden of the Titans.


So this Elysium Fields is different from the Infernal Realm where Lucifer and the others rule?



Don’t mix your mythologies. Lucifer has nothing whatsoever to do with the Greek underworld.

The astral plane is infinite, and there are as many heavens and hells as humans and other sentient beings can dream up. Even the so-called Infernal Empire is but a small part of what is found there. You could spend your entire life exploring and never see everything.


Actually the Greek Underworld has a bit more than just Tartarus and Elysium. That’s just the popular ones.
Perhaps this pic could help you a bit


Yep. I just simplified it a little. I did say it is a vast kingdom though :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes he is very real, and does rule over some of the dead, as the other lovelies have stated

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Hades is as real as you, me and all that you perceive through your physical senses. The Lord and King of the Underworld & Lord and host of the Dead. I am closely related to him and it was he who introduced me to the LHP…which I am exploring since his entry into my life. I have dedicated myself as his eternal bride…it comes naturally to me…being a Persephone archetype lady. Don’t have to try anything complex. He values a deep bond and is very warm hearted contrary to the way he is portrayed. He can initiate you further into magick and all knowledge related to life,death, Underworld and would help you work with demons and other spirit beings.

Whatever you offer…offer from your heart. You can offer good tea, oil, sandalwood, incense, aromatic oils, perfume, creative dedications. If you want to work with him…you can simply say or write down a dedication.

Colours of Hades(as revealed by him) - Dark Red and Black.

He appreciates honesty, respect and strength. I will make posts on him.

All the best.