It took me 2 years to find the people that really have power

Hi. My name Is Lina. I am new here. For 2 years Ive tried to bring back my ex husband. Ive tried all possible spells, voodoo, hoodoo, poppets and so on, nothing helped. Ive realised that just something really strong can help me. I know its kind of going against free will as some say, but I am ready for the whats after. One of my friends told me about this forum, she told me that Peple here are really powerful and that the only place I can find help and the right advise that will really give me results is here. You can imagine if 2 years I keep trying to bring him back means I really love him, and Ive tried to move on, to live, to forget, I couldnt, and the farther- the harder. The only results ive got is: I got sick, depressed, down, hopless, no hapiness. shortly: to die tomorrow, I wont regret. Plzzz help me or advise me what is best ritual or spell I should do. P.S. I have knoweledge regarding how its can turn, how spirits may act, black magic , djinn, and so on. Tried myself, but I guess i did it wrong since didnt work. Thank you very much.


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I’m sure you can find something useful if you search the love spells section of the forum. It is possible to bring your ex back by using magick and I’m sure that there are people in this forum that have done that. However, you have to keep in mind that if your ex-husband doesn’t really desire to get back with you (which I assume is the case here), chances are that his true will is going to eventually reemerge and the effect of the spell will eventually wear off, potentially leaving you even more heart-broken than you were before. So, this is something that I suggest you should seriously take into consideration before taking any action.

In my opinion there isn’t really nothing to gain by trying to “resurrect” something that is clearly dead. I don’t know the specifics of your situation, but why are you hurting yourself by trying to win back someone that clearly doesn’t want to be with you? Even if you succeed in your spell, wouldn’t that be something fake? In all respect, I believe that you aren’t really incapable of moving on, you are actually refusing to do so. My advice, if you want it, would be to first and foremost try to understand and heal your emotional wounds and then if you are still interested in using magick, perform a ritual to attract a new person in your life. I’m aware that I might sound cold and/or insensitive, but believe me that’s not my intention, all I’m trying to do is to offer some genuine advice to the best of my ability.


In my opinion, as a sorcerer who works on his magick every day … that is a really bad idea.

The problem isn’t that it won’t work. You can absolutely over-ride a person’s free will … for a while. But then their natural Will reasserts itself.

There’s a concept called the Law of Cause and Effect. You see it in the physical world when you put your hand on a hot stove and it gets burned. You did something that caused the direct result you received.

Well, that concept also applies to magick.

Let’s take a look at what happens in the physical world when you manipulate someone you care about. How do you feel when someone lied to you to get you to do what they wanted?

Most people feel betrayed and hurt. That pain can often turn to anger and cause them to lash out at the person that hurt them. Or simply to cut all ties with that person and never speak to them again.

The same thing can happen with magick.

You may get past your ex’s free will for a while and things may seem great. But it can turn sour very quickly when his free will returns to normal. It’s impossible to know how he would react, but it has turned into physically and emotionally abusive situations for some people.

Another potential side effect is if your magick is so strong it over-rides his free will completely. That can lead to obsession, his wanting to “own you”, and him even stalking you for the rest of your life.

These are the reasons I say it’s a bad idea.

In your specific situation, I would seriously consider getting a personal consultation with E.A. himself. I think he can help you think through it completely before you decide to pursue it.


I understand everything. In 2 years tried to heal, move on, My heart doesnt listen.

E.A. ??. After so long time i decided : or /or. means I live a hell now, so it wont make any difference later. I am good at keeping ppl near, but not good to bring them. ive tried, but cant, and this is killing me. isnt something cause I am stuburn, but I really cant, and this more than 2 years are the proves.

You need to do divination. Find out where you stand and what’s happening. Then you’ll be able to see what’s your next step. There are several ways to do this. You can bring him back the nice way or forcefully. The second option can really get him hurt. How ever, if you are far from him then things can be a lot harder. You need to be in contact with him and it needs to be physical. Like seeing and touching. Through the phone and Internet is a lot harder.


thats the biggest problem, ive never seen him after. its like he is scared to see me cause he wont reziste.

E.A. Koetting, the co-founder of this website. He offers consultations and rituals for a fee. He’s a very skilled sorcerer and I think he could help guide you through this.

Here’s a link …
E.A. Koetting – Personal Consultations

I know you’ve said you tried to use magick to get your ex-husband back, but have you tried to use magick to help you let go of him and heal your heart?

And Lina … I am sorry you’re hurting. I know how painful a broken heart is and you have my compassion. – gives you a big warm hug–


never used magic to try to let it go. But I am getting ready for thiss too. thank you for being here for me.

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Ive checked EA, I dint have this money. Cause of depression Ive got sick and lost my jobs. So I wish I knew about him from the begining😞

That’s fine. It’s not a requirement, just thought his experience with this topic might help you. In this case, didn’t work out.

I know it’s not what you want to hear, but I think it would be the wisest course of action.

In the end, it’s going to have to be your decision. Take some time and really consider what I’ve said. Let us know what you decide. I’m sure you’ll get plenty of advice which ever way you decide to go.

Wait a minute. If you think he is scared that he might feel that he won’t resist, then all you have to do is go and get your man. Find him. Look as dashing as you can and make him see how sexy and beautiful you are.

You won’t need magick for that. Now, if there are obstacles in the way then I could see why you could implore magick. Even with that being said you could still do some kind of spell where you would be completely irresistible to him.

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yes. But he is not in the city, he is a tracker , he is never in one place. plus there some of his friends keep pushing. and last yhong: old tradition: if u left , u dont come back. so this is the situation

EA is great i had a consultation with him like a week ago he is the right guy to talk to about anything. Yes it costs money but i have no regrets he really gives it his all and he has my respect.


Ye you can use magick to get the job done.
Quick fix for a while but then if he really doesnt want to be with you it will just end up the same or even worse.

I dont mean to be an asshole,

You have given your power away,
You are dependent on someone else for your happy ness.
This is a lesson in a weakness you have, that you need to turn into a strength, which you will sooner or later.

You dont NEED anyone to be happy.
A more effective use of magick will be to undo a possible obsession you have and to help you move on to something and someone new and better.
Or send hordes of hot cock your way to get your mind off it.

Your not weak, your strong.
You need to convince yourself of this.

Flip things around to see it from a different perspective.

Would you want to be with a man who was borderline obsessed with you
and could not live without you and lost his job because you were not with him anymore.
Who had spent so much time doing magick to win you back that 2 years later hes still going with it.
Close your eyes and imagine it,
You are him and he is you.

That is not a disney fairy tale, its a quagmire of low self esteem and a deep web horror story.

Im not going to give you the cliché “independant woman” bullshit routine because you deserve the truth.
But goddamn it have some Self Respect!.

Do the magick for you, not for someone else
This love shite is fucking painful, but thats not a bad thing because you grow the most from it.

We all get stuck in loops of thought.
Hes just a man.

Invest your time in other areas.
Its time to begin your own journey.(or continue where you left off)

Im not even sorry because you need to hear this,
But don’t mistake this for anything other then someone giving you advice to try get your ass back on the straight and narrow.

And please if your going to get someone to help you or do magick for you, do it for a new man for YOURSELF.
Maybe then you realise how shitty the last one was compared to him and laugh at yourself for wasting so much effort on what you thought was a paragon of a man.



Ive tried, i swear. i love him. I need help

I have same situation as you. it took me almost two year,everything tried,nothing work.
all the depression killing me everyday.
but i always told myself to stay strong,maybe there’s a way.
I even told my spirits just remove everything about my ex from me so i can just forget it…
well,i still think of it everyday when i am not busy enough.
hope you find someone that will help you.

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