Belial Sigil

I made a pact with Belial a few days ago for some legal trouble. I have decided to use his dukante sigial as he seems to favor it. The problem is when making the pact I used the sigil from the grimorie. Can I switch them out? What do I do with the original one as I don’t want to offend him. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


It’s fine to swap them out.

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Newbie question. When calling on belial, when gazing at his sigil. Do you have to draw his sigil by hand or is it fine to print it?

It is fine to print it out, but if you do, you should trace over it in ink with your own hand to imprint your energy into it. The act of drawing it out puts your focus and energy into the sigil and aids in connecting to it, which is why magicians usually say to draw it by hand.


You can print it if you want and charge it it is the same don’t worry

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Ok I get it, just like drawing where the lines already is. Fill in the lines.

I got another question. If I need his help all the time. Can I wear it on me all the time? Like a neckles?

Is it any demon that works better with Belial or can I just use any demon or spirit that I like?

And… do I have to contact the spirit before I wear it around my neck as a neckles?

Yes you need to open the sigil and contact the demon before wearing the sigil. Otherwise, it’s nothing but a neat design on a piece of paper. It is the act of opening it as a portal for the power of Belial that makes it magical.

You can, but his energy will weigh heavily after a while, especially if you are a beginner. My question is, why would you want to carry an open sigil with you all the time? Belial is a pretty serious guy, and unless you are in a pact, he may find it annoying. I would recommend that you just assign him an initial task, and then burn the sigil once it is complete, in order to test the waters. Later, you can either buy a pendant of his seal or engrave one yourself and consecrate it to him.

You can choose any other spirit to work with, unless you are actually in a pact with Belial. Then, it is always wise to ask his permission first. However, the energies of some spirits might be incompatible with that of Belial, and could interfere so you should take that into consideration when choosing someone else to work with (please note that it does NOT mean the spirits don’t like each other, or that they are at war, it just simply means that their energies clash). EA recommends not having more than three sigils open at one time, and I suggest you stick with that in the beginning so you don’t get overloaded with the energies.


Thank you for your answers.

I did call him yesterday with my handdrawn sigil.

Unsure if it did work.

I hope so, I could make another sigil and try again, as my handdrawn was not perfect.

No, use the same sigil. It doesn’t matter if it is not perfect and a line is off a bit or whatever, as long as it is recognizable as Belial’s sigil, it will still work. You have already infused it with energy, so by continuing with it, the energy will build and when it opens you will have no doubt.

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Ok thank you.

Do I need to fold the paper and put it in a drawer? Or can I have it on the desk where no one sees it?

There is no real danger summoning a demon or spirit? The answer is no, but Im still asking.

I told belial yesterday that I need his help now and if he helps me I will continue working with him in the future.

Is there any dangers of making a pact? If I choose to do so in the future? Can you break a pact?

I wouldn’t recommend breaking a pact. Nothing crazy will happen but I doubt he would ever help you again. Be sure you can and will uphold your end of the deal. And make sure the demon gives what you ask for first. I made the mistake of giving the offering first as a beginner and didn’t get what I needed. Demons can be tricky like that. Especially Belial. I usually offer some water or whiskey initially but nothing more until he comes through for me.

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Also i once accidentally left Belial’s sigil at my office…not where anyone could see and I got texts then next day from a coworker saying there were scary scratching noises. She was freaked. They checked for rodents and found nothing. It went on until I was able to get it back. So if you leave it open expect there to be some energy. If he’s scaring you tell him so and ask him to stop. He likes to mess with me but in a teasing way. I’ve never felt afraid or in danger. He also likes when you show some backbone. Be respectful but firm. Don’t ever agree to do anything you are uncomfortable with.


You can if you want. I usually fold a sigil if I am carrying it upon my person.

You can leave it out, but it is usually a good idea to do so in a way no one will see it and interfere

There is always real danger. Magick is inherently dangerous and destabilizing, as you are opening up parts of your mind that usually remain dormant. It will have an effect on you, those around you, and your life. Treat it seriously.

It will depend on the pact and the spirit it is with. In the Book of Azazel, EA had to turn his entire material life over to the demon, which takes a terrifying level of trust. A pact is a binding contract between you and the demon, and you had better live up to your end or there will be consequences, so never enter into one lightly. Think of it like a legal contract in our world. If you break the terms, the consequences can range from financial loss to jail time, and breaking a demonic pact can range from the demon never working with you again because you can’t be trusted to keep your word, to the demon ripping your life apart.


Thankyou for the information.

“Lirach tasa vefa wehlc Belial” and “Alash tad alash tal ashtu” and just saying “Belial come” Is it nessasry to say this? Or can I just simply stare in to the sigil and talk to him?

Hello and thank you for your answer.

The thing is I got some serious enemys so doing a pact with belial would benefit me, Iam a newbie just been looking at videos online and reading at the forum for a few months so I know very little about spiritualism, not magick though or like self magick, because Ive been into eastern stuff for a long time.

Is there any place I could read or watch or in anyway gather information about belial because he is the demon that intrest me the most.

I do want to know everything about him.

A pact feels nessasary for me

Just open his sigil and chant his enn. You don’t really need to do anything else.

There are probably a dozen or more threads on this forum devoted to Belial. Use the search function, and you will find all the information you could possibly need. Search YouTube as well, as EA has done videos about Belial and other occultists have as well.


Don’t be hurry, especially not with Belial.


Im going to call him again. I do not think I was successful the first time.

I tried it again. told him what I wanted. Nothing. Not a sound, not a feeling.

Lol… chanting/singing would be a good Idea I guess.

Uppdate: tried it again. I have no idea if he came. How do I know? Got a feeling of someone being present.