New asf

Yep I am Tobi.

I like wine and women.

Yes I am new the forum.


Greetings Tobi. I like wine and women too. Welcome to the forum! May lustful debauchery overflow!

Love the mindset. And greets to you to @987ritual

Indeed. Sexual liberation is the beginning of all true freedom.

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Moderation will ask you to tell a bit more about yourself. Your magical knowledge and goals with it, etc etc.

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Welcome, btw.

Wine and women are lovely things.

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I never thought about it like that but I agree, I just love it when people think like me. So tell me something interesting you’ve done. Im searching for something.

My name is Tobias. I have no idea how to gauge my knowledge of magic but I can tell I need guidance. I generally enjoy invocations,incantations and sigil work.

Who have you invoked?

How long have you been practicing magical things?

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Dionysius…Sitri and I cant remember the rest.

Ive been into it for about 4 years but this year has more dedication that I ever had.

tell me about yourself also!

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God of wine and god of lust.

I will hit you up in a PM about that last part. :slight_smile:

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So what are your goals here? Where are you headed with your magical self?

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Don’t we all :slight_smile:

I think the most interesting thing esoterically is the acquisition of true self-knowledge and its consequences, i.e. realising that there is only your True Self and everything is just an aspect of it.

Perhaps it would be easier if you told me what you’re looking for and if I have something to share on that topic, I will.

Self discovery and utter curiosity.

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I’ve been thinking along those lines and sometimes I feel like God Almighty. Thanks to the slight God complex but I have had hard times with my higher self because I cant understand what exactly it is. For instance most people focus on higher self and I look at my lower self and wonder if there really is a difference between the two if they want the same goal.

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I suppose the issue is that you are maybe mixing up the persona with God.

You are “God Almighty” whether you like it or not. This is your True Nature and the actual truth of all things in existence however “great” or “small”. That said, it is not your persona that is God: the persona is a very changeable aspect of God but is still inseparably entangled with God. In essence, the “lower Self”, i.e. the finite persona that changes, is the same as the “Higher Self” or God but they are not the same in degree by virtue of the fact that your True Self is limitless ( :slight_smile: undefinable and undefined :slight_smile: ) consciousness. Your persona is a finite but changing aspect of that.

The only mandatory goal is self-realisation, i.e. discovering your “rightful place” in the Universe :slight_smile:. Everything else is transient, illusory, passing and negotiable.

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Indeed. Tell me a bit about your journey how its been so far.

I suppose I understood that I am a critical factor in my experience when I was about 10. Somewhere along the way I also realised that mind determines so-called “success” and I’ve been exploring this aspect of things since I was 18 or so. However, because I am very obsessive and strongly focussed when I set a “goal” I did face some bumps along the way until I really had to turn within via meditation, introspection and then some ritual work. Eventually I realised that the “Law of Attraction” is valid, immutable and perpetually in operation because consciousness ( :slight_smile: and its bedfellow, the imagination :slight_smile: ) is the only reality. Specific things that have helped me include: meditation, detachment, being still and aware in the now, realising both the “goo” and “bad” are aspects of me, and the very potent practice of appreciation/gratitude. I have also learned that time, space and physicality are actually illusory experiences: we are one, infinite, seemingly paradoxical and multifaceted consciousness and feeling is the secret, i.e. struggling over visualising, ritual accuracy etc. is pointless, to our experience because that is essence of it.

Right now, I lead a simple but peaceful retired life in the Caucasus.

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