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I am bolverk, this incarnation is going on 40 years now, long found magic intresting subject. Around ten years ago had dramatic encounter with non physical being that erased any doubt as to the reality of spirit world. Looked deeper into thru research and filtered though experiences intuition and logic I discovered I’d been a drec since 17, and had been using so called ocult techniques including trance states, as well as an intuitive retreat to the woods for a summer my whole adult life. I reached my current highest subjective energy level four years ago when I was a fugitive.the energy level was physically electric, every act was a magic alone and my physical electricity was shorting out computers. I’m now free and off paper roaming my homeland of (tr)Appalachia here in North America. I’m interested in all kinds of magic. I have some experience in Norse and native meagics. I attempted to mentor a friend of my son who was a prodigy at astral travel a talent I have never developed into a more rounded nexion but his body couldn’t take the rigors of my lifestyle. Outside of magic I have pursued powerlifting and combativs a and am a avoracious reader. Apology a for grammar and such phone keeps fucking up my words. Omertà honor arete. Bolverk


welcome :slight_smile:

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