Visit from Lucifer ? What it means?

So lately I have been finding my way home and I had prayed to Lucifer to have my name written into his book of life. I told him I was better at Interpreting dreams so I would feel better if you came and spoke to me in a dream and told me what he would like for me to do that I may gain his favor; so he did and in the dream it was more like a lucid dream like I was there and we were in this church and I came in And he was at the podium and held his right hand/ claw to me and I tried to kiss his hand and he told me you don’t have to kiss my hand I am not like the false God and I instantly woke up what does that mean


:thinking: he wants you to be a friend and not a slave?


Yeah exactly what @MiKu said. Lucifer doesn’t want worshippers. But he is wonderful to work with.


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I feel that ! Thx

he just wants to lead you to your accomplishments and for you to know success in life i really need to speak with him once

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From what I know, Lucifer is not one to be all for the worship and the idolizing of him. He’d rather people come to him as themselves, and just to be comfortable honestly. He’s relaxed, chill, friendly, and is really opened to getting to know you if you are willing to get to know him :ok_hand:t2:


He believes that humans and spirits aren’t that different (though we became lesser, but that’s because of our actions as humanity), he wants to lead us to our true selves, those who are equals to him.

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How do we become equal?

That takes a lot of work. That work can’t just come from you alone, but from humanity as a whole. It’s still early though, but the time is near.

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It is obvious that he has accepted your worship and or acceded to your requests regarding a casting.