I keep seeing a name in my head

I was going about my daily routine a few months ago when I had a small vision. The name “Rosier” was being written in cursive. Since then the name comes back to me at random points. I’ve thought of the name (at minimum) a few times a week since it happened. I had never, to my knowledge, seen the name before.

What does it mean, if anything?


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To answer your question, Rosier is a demon.


Will do! Also, I’m aware that he is a demon. I’m just unsure as to why his name is sticking with me.

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Are you in a relationship? Maybe he found your soul mate if you are single. I would say he is reaching out for you so try to listen he might have something especial for you.


I recently ended a relationship that didn’t need to happen in the first place. Went along with it knowing the happy giddy feelings I felt were an illusion, until that illusion finally dissolved. I’m trying to listen but the message isn’t very clear. Him finding my soulmate? Maybe he did but I was under the impression that my soulmate was a demon.

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My theory is that everyone have multiple soulmates. Demon or human or anything really as long as you vibrate the same and click.
Am just a single hopeless romantic so I can only hope!!


I’m not sure how I feel about the concept of soulmate. It’s a beautiful thought but I don’t think I’d want to who my soulmate is. The heartbreak that could follow could be astronomical.

Rosier might have some advice for you. It might be nothing or something you need to hear. Otherwise why would the name keep coming to you? Don’t dismiss your intuition. It dosnt hurt to ask him why and hear him out.

You’re right. How would I summon him though?

Check what DarkestKnight linked about him. Draw the sigil and active it. Try entering a trance state and talk to him and notice your feeling or whatever may you see or hear. If you are not that experienced, what I would do is ask him to visit your dreams and show you his answer. I usually keep the open sigil in a box, but if I keep it under my pillow I keep a protection sigil as well.
Dont take my words for it, just do your research and see what you feel like works for you.

Thank you for the advice. Also, love your username. Snow White Princess has been stuck in my head for a while lol

I felt an urging to wear my amethyst ring to bed but no dreams today.

Thank you. <3