Pact with satan

Hello, I have used few days ago technique by C. Kendall on making pact with spirits. I did pact with Satan on 11.11. Is there a way to know if I made it right? Altough I can say I felt that he is pushing me firward to make it with him and I read that that specific night was very string for magickal workings with Baphomet. My bond with him in some way became extremely strong and I became more myself. I feel constantly his energy surrounding me too.


Learn to communicate with spirits before making pacts because it seems like you don’t know if he accepted it. I did those mistakes when I began so it is wise to learn the basics first.

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I know how to communicate with spirits baby :wink:

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My question was, if I made it right. Its difference.

Ok then ask satan if you made it right :smiley:


Yes I can but I ask of persons from BALG about types of ways it can be identified. Other ways than my own and to be sure about it. :grinning:

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I used to ask myself that with Lucifer and Lilith. I don’t so much now as try to cultivate the pact and move towards my end of the bargain which will take more than a lifetime but I knew that when I did the pact. I’d just say stick with your end of the bargain/pact. I go through ups and downs at times but I cling to the pact for the rewards outweigh the collateral crap.

I think if you follow all the steps right and now you’re feeling somehow different than probably means that it worked. I think when comes to magik it’s a lot about on how you feel, to see if it worked or not.

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I got answer and pact is signed :hatched_chick::slightly_smiling_face:.

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Have you noticed any results? Has anything you asked for already come true?

Yes it actualy did.


How did you make the pact

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What did you ask for?


How can we learn these basics to communicate with the “spirit”? Is it the same procedure as in new age environments, channeling?

One method is indeed like channeling. It’s possible to think for example of 5 pertinent questions, the operator writes them leaving some space, gazes at sigil of chosen spirit, then each time reads a question and writes every thought popping in mind. An “improvement by doing” approach but some preparation may also be done, through chakra work and Tarot, scrying etc.


I would like to answer your question by telling you about my own experience. By constraint, I had to make a pact with him, which fortunately failed. I know this, because intuitively I know that Satan (or any other Demon) responds with a clear sign. ).

Several years later, because of my Light-Darkness duality problem (one part wants God, and the other Satan) so violent, my mind exploded, and my emotionally desperate, completely desperate, made a pact with Satan. Which this time was taken into account, since the next day I had 3 mirror hours in one day, and it went on and on until today when I never had a mirror hour in my life.

Because of my handicaps (my 5 year non-acceptance of Satan), I have not yet been able to honor my part of the deal. Satan has not made me pay for this, he is waiting patiently.

Thank you very very much

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im having this exact same Light-Dark turbulence. How are you dealing with it nowadays?

I don’t manage at the moment. That’s why I opened a topic asking for help (Satan rejection). In the meantime here’s what I’m doing:

I went to see a therapist who recommended an exercise to unify the polarities that I practice. The idea is to imagine in your left hand the evil you did today (in thought or in deed, like, in my case, being unpleasant and aggressive towards the therapist) and in the other hand the good you did and to feel the impressions. Then you gently join your hands in prayer ( joining hands in prayer is the reunification of light and shadow ). Then you say that you are uniting light and darkness for your greater good, your hands joined at the level of the heart. If it’s done wrong as it happened to me, you may experience unconsciousness and nausea, which is a sign of the strong duality. That’s why the sentence is important. In my case I added : explode the caholic dogmas.

After that, another possible technique is to take the most basic level: personal development, with the Book “the shadowy part of the seeker of light” by debby ford. There is an exercise to reunite light and darkness. As I am unable to meditate I have never done it, but I feel it is very powerful. I would have picked out some passages for you, but I am French, so my book is French.

The best is to know what feeds this duality in your case. In my case I also have the syndrome “it’s too good to be true” in addition to having a sick fear of the one that attracts me so much (which attests to the problem of duality). So I don’t dare to go towards my goal at all. Otherwise if you know a shadow therapist who likes Satan… why not go through the XD? Give me the address if you know it (not Koetting is too expensive).

Koetting, by Belial, says that you have to “surrender to darkness completely”. Are you also in this case where you have been asked to surrender yourself totally to Darkness and you can’t do it for a thousand and one reasons (including duality)? And that you stay on the landing of the door and salivate without stopping?

What exactly is your case? Maybe I could give you some more advice?