Weird dreams of Greek Gods & Goddess

A few weeks ago I had a dream of Hades I was pregnant with his two children, he was very loving also protective of me.
My Friend in the dream was in danger about to be killed & he saved her for me.

I woke up kinda pissed at Hades for coming into my dreams without my permission.

A few weeks later I had a dream of a woman who I felt like was Persephone talking with me in a car asking if I liked singing I said yes, the next thing I know I was setting in front of a stage she was singing and dancing with her daughter looking straight at me then in a flash I was outside they both were walking towards me singing.

I’m not sure what they mean or just my subconscious or maybe cuz he’s trying to get my attention?


Remember that your subconscious is like another world form where entities emerge. This theory is scientifically and was proven by Carl Jung. His friend, Sigmund Freud was quick to realize the importance of this, and told Jung that “You most not present this to the public, because you will release a black flood of occultism”. Now typically each and all of your dreams represent something personal. In order to decipher them you must also know the colors, the environments, and after you know those things, they you can start adding peaces to the puzzle. My advice is to start writing down all the dreams that you will have, in order to make the process more simpler for you. The result, it works as personal oracle.

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Thank you I will definitely start doing that

Hello i’m new here, even i didn’t introduce myself, this is my first message your question caught my attention, as you know the dreams are these things:
1- Are mental trash
2-Mental trash with the subconscius
3- The subconscius watn to tell you something
4- A bit of each one
5- Astral Realm
Every time when you go to sleep you go to the astral realm but many times you access to another planes of conscience, there are many planes mental plane, causal plane etc. you get access to some info, the Gods don’t require your permission to communicate with you, like another entities, i’ve dreamed time ago with Athena and Apolus, they wanted to tellme something, so Hades want to tell you something, warning you from some danger or perhaps he is telling you that your friend gonna die, perhaps this sounds hard but they send you this messages you like it or not, i have a friend since she was a child she dreamed with Gods and another things that she can’t understood, she ever knew something from Gods her family are christians, and she saw many Gods as Sheeva and another ones, now she dreams with many Gods,past lifes, and talk with them in the astral realm even she traveled unconscius they speak with her and show her things, always i ask her did you talk with some God? aswell she awake some abilities like electric shocks. Greets


Thank you Im going to contact him in a week or so to see, and also welcome :slight_smile:

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I think that you are already connected to these guys. That’s why you knew who they were right away. You recognised Persephone’s relationship to her child. You also knew you were carrying twins.

These are good symbols. Hades isn’t exactly Mr. Smooth with the ladies, but his love and loyalty are strong. Persephone and her daughter singing to you seems like a sign of fertility. It’s not specifically about getting pregnant. That’s a classic sign of living energy.

Maybe ask Demeter for insight. She is a straightforward kind of goddess. Athena likes to make sense of riddles and doesn’t mind taking the older gods down a peg from time to time (and is my personal favorite, gotta rep for the queen).

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Thank you ^-^ I just started working with Aphrodite for about a year now I didn’t summon her or anything long story short I found her statue (decapitated) I rescued it from a thrift shop (Christian ) that was going to throw it out I didn’t know at the time it was her I fixed it then she just came to me I felt a deep connection to her, but since one is familiar to me maybe in a past life I worked with them all ?

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That’s a really classical way to be connected to an Olympian. They seem to really appriciate statues and paintings. Well done.

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