Can someone help me see if I've been cursed or hexed?

Is there anyone who can read on me if someone has placed a hex or anything like that? I had no work for 3 days, and everytime a possible job arises they approach me with the opportunity but my normal response always recieved well before is having opposite affect. I ask very basic business related related questions that are standard business practices, why now all of a sudden am I feeling like I have a red x on my door?

I’m facing the same situation. Can’t fucking get a job for months now.

Hi there @Phoenixlv! Before asking members of the forum for a scan, why don’t you please click the link below and mosey on over to the Introduction thread, and tell us who you are, and what experience you have in magick, like what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc? It is a rule of this forum and required: