Which demon/spirit should I call on first?

Hello everyone. I am a new member. Nice to meet you all.

I have been absolutely OBSESSED with Magick for the past 3-4 months. After I first discovered it, I can’t seem to get enough of it. I spend nearly all of my free time doing research, watching videos, reading grimoires, etc.

I feel that I have enough basic understanding and have done enough practice energy work to finally start my first path working. I’m so excited.

I had my first ever astral projection a couple weeks ago (accidentally). I quickly bought the astral projection mastery course and have been studying it everyday since to attempt to get out of my body again. I’m getting close.

I have done an initiation rite in the woods and have also performed a wealth rite with Suhn Tal Ock. That is all the experience I have so far.

Which demon should I call on first to start working with? Any suggestions?

I have very large goals and aspirations. However, I do not know what exactly to ask of the demons specifically. Can I ask them anything? I would hate to successfully evoke a spirit, and then have nothing to say to them once they appear. I don’t not want to waste the spirit God’s time.

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Welcome @iheartgear It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so PLEASE CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick, such as what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:


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Which one do you think is calling out to you?
I can think of a couple that are easy to work with but the important thing is for you to find one that resonates with you personally.


Lucifer Morningstar for guidance


In my opinion, the best demons to call upon are Lucifer, Satan, Bune, and Azazel.

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Don’t forget my friend King Paimon! :slight_smile:


I have felt drawn to Belial in the past weeks. But after I bought two different grimoires regarding him specifically, I am almost intimidated at how intense he sounds lol. I would like to sort of “get my feet wet” first before working with someone so powerful, if that makes any sense… idk maybe I’m over thinking it?
I have been drawn to Ant’harratu in the past few days. So I went ahead and bought the ‘Book of Azazel’ so that I can get more information on how to evoke Ant’harratu. Hell, might even go for Azazel.

Have you worked with any of these demons? If so, what’s been your personal experience if you don’t mind me asking?


Thank you so much. Is there a specific grimoire I need to buy in order to learn how to perform the morning star ritual?

Thanks so much. I actually just bought the book of Azazel, so I hope to be working with Ant’harratu and Azazel soon!

Thanks :pray:t2: I’ll do that

You’re welcome , this is his sigil , while you stare at his sigil , you chant : Renich tasa uberaca biasa icar lucifer
You chant his enn for 108x or until your mind reaches an altered state or until you hear his voice saying : that’s enough/proceed your request


Awesome!! That’s a HUGE help man. thanks so much!!!

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I was just like you didn’t wanted to work with Belial as i knew he was very intense but i kept seeing his name all over the posts in here so i went for him and i don’t see his name much unless that is to remind me of him. Yes go for someone your comfortable with but if you want to work with Belial then talk to @ParadoxicalPAT @BelovedBel @Healing_Heart and @Divinelylost66

Best of luck in your journey ^^

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I’m here anytime , hopefully I’ll be able to help , you’re welcome

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Yeah, I feel as if he is definitely drawing me in! I’ll def work with him at some point.

What’s been your experience so far with working with him if you don’t mind me asking?

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We’ll im a beginner so not much as im working on opening my senses still. I Will say I have had my mental breakdowns lol cause i felt like giving up maybe it’s just me but he did teach me to have a backbone and not to judge others. Other than that not much but yeah he’s good even if he pisses me off sometimes.


That’s awesome man! I’ve been doping a lot of energy work lately as well, and meditating. That way I’ll be able to slip into the theta/gamma sync with ease.
So does he speak to you directly through invocation or is it just more thoughts/feelings that you get from him?

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are you asking me or someone else?

You should summon the one you feel more drawn into. If it is Belial then it is Belial. There are no “spirits for beginners”. The second spirit that approached me (the first being King Paimon) was Andras, a spirit being known for how dangerous he is. Was he dangerous and to this day the most frightening demon I have encountered? Fuck yeah he was. But he also taught me some very important lessons about myself.
Make no mistake no spirit will go easy on you. They will teach you what you need to be taught. So here is my advice. Go with the flow. You will get messed up anyways trust me :stuck_out_tongue:



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