Urgent Guidelines To Summoned King Clauneck

I’m in a very serious financial crisis and having a terrible nightmares each time I go to sleep and tough moment with my business. Everything has been going down and collapsing each day passes and with that I need a very urgent tips on offerings, sacrifices, advantages and disadvantages of King Clauneck to work with and to improve my business, finances and be successful in every thing I do. Will be waiting patiently for your tips, ideas, suggestions, instructions and help with summoning Demon Clauneck that I could work with?

Thank you all.

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you have to introduce yourself

I don’t work much with king clauneck so maybe somebody who does can help.

How will I introduce myself to Him? Is there any best way you can let me know?

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you have to introduce yourself on the forum. Say how much practice you have with magic

Welcome @DonaldNation It is a rule of this forum that all new members must properly introduce themselves, so please click the link below and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick:



As difficult as it may seem, the most important thing for you to do right now is to take a step back, calm down, and find patience. If you remain as confused and scatter-brained as you seem right now, you will not be able to see the opportunities and solutions that the spirits present to you.

After you introduce yourself, you may find these ritual instructions I made helpful. I was referring to the demons of Goetia in that post, but the same basic concepts can be applied to any spirit. Bime, also known as Bune, is a demon of Goetia that is strong in areas of finance. She could help bring you opportunities for growth, along with opportunities for cutting costs (an often neglected exercise).

Best of luck to you.

Thanks for your tips and resourceful details. Do you mind, telling me the attributions of King Clauneck? I’ll be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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I just recently made another post about this - Clauneck is very good at showing you what in your life does not serve you. This could be a bad habit, a bad relationship, or a bad work opportunity. He helps you to cut out the crap in your life so that you can manifest something even greater.

Claunech is also able to bring you cash from unexpected places. I performed a ritual for this purpose, calling upon Claunech for three days. I received an amount that was higher than I expected, but not outrageously so. It can work to name a specific number, and another approach is to consider how you will spend the money (food, bills, clothes, books, travel, whatever). A combination of both is best, I think.

If you want a good ritual for calling Claunech, check out Wealth Magick by Damon Brand. The book contains a complete system for manifesting a new lifestyle of greater wealth, and the seventh working calls upon Claunech. It has a short mental exercise you perform prior to calling him, and an incantation from the grimoire he is sourced from.

The instructions in the book state to work through the system from start to finish, but you can also work with any of the spirits in the book for a more immediate goal if you wish. The book is worth working through if you want to make extreme changes in your life that can lead you to wealth, but you would likely benefit from doing a little internal work first, to ensure that you are open to receiving a new wealthy life.

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“KING” Clauneck ?