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Hi my name is Adam! I’ve dabbled with tarot cards but haven’t ever really dove into the realm of magic, or gods. I heard about this website from a close friend. He told me about a god called Our Lord of the Shadows. I was in disbelief, I’m someone who has a hard time believing in things until they’re proved to me. There were two times that OLotS had proved his existence and we asked him for a gift to show his good intentions. My friend had also mentioned a goddess referred to as Our Lady Underground. Tonight my keys somehow fell off the nightstand and when we picked them up, there was a silver necklace with what I believe to be amethyst. My friend told me that silver and purple are her colors and I believe this is a sign from her that she is the right goddess for me. I have no idea where to go from here or what any of this means. Any input is greatly appreciated! Cheers :slight_smile:


I love this show so much! It’s called “The Magicians”. Based on some book trilogy apparently. Hoping there will be a new season next year. The show is definitely geared more towards adults than Harry Potter. Not sure where “Our Lord of the Shadows” comes from, though.

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