How can I contact with King Paimon? I tried a lot

Hey, hey Firstly I tried a lot of seance for King Paimon (I tried everything / mirror, sigil, candles, incense, night, west etc.) I was so kind and respectful on the seances, I read a lot of topics about King Paimon / grimoire etc. I waited a sign on seances, but had no sign on the seances… I do not want money from King Paimon (I am not a moron) I have wishes with ideals but I can not talk with King Paimon. Could you help me? I have no time, I expect serious messages…


Well, before begging for help on the forum, perhaps you would be so kind as to post an introduction in the Intro thread and tell us a bit about yourself here:

It is one of the few rules of this forum.

Secondly, avail yourself of the search function (magnifying glass in upper right corner). There are many, many threads about King Paimon, and how to contact him.


If all of this is true he knows you tried to call him and probably showed up,if your astral senses aren’t devolped try to enter a trance and call him by his enn


King Paimon is like a business man.

He expects something back he ain’t no volunteer Demonic king!
Give him pay him then I’m sure he’ll do what you need as long as it’s within his specialty.

Keep in mind the spirit will always show up when asked they just might leave immediately if they don’t like what they see.


Try theta gamma


People on this forum are nice and helpful so coming in like a bull in a China shop is really uncalled for.
Also saying you have no time indicates lack of want and I’m sure the Demon Kings notice this.

Let people get to know you in the posted Intro thread and I’m sure they will help you further. The advice given already is good though, try it out and see what happens.
Most instances I’ve heard when first contacting a spirit, you probably won’t be able to physically see them.


What abilities and training do you have? Have you studied anything or practice anything related to magick? Have you heard spirits before? What kind of signs were you expecting him to show you to be able to tell he was there? Your use of the word seance is a bit telling but I don’t want to jump to conclusion. King Paimon is not a dead human. This is usually what seances are for. To communicate with the dead. So I ask how do you know he wasn’t present? When you call them, they usually show up. It is just the summoner is not able to feel them. You need to practice your astral psychic senses and get more clear and connected. Have you studied that? Did you cleanse and ground yourself first? Did you meditate and get into trance first? You hear them in your head. You may think it’s your own thoughts. You see them in your mind as well. So try it again. Do not doubt his abilities and do not doubt that he can hear you. Believe me he knew you were going to call him before you did and he did hear you. So calm down. Take a breath and try it again starting with clearing your area, clearing your body, dressing right for the ritual and think positive. You read up on him. That was a great first step. You can do this.


Not true bro…I work with him almost on a daily now,never offerd anything I’d have to go fetch,just dedication


All depends on you and how the spirit interacts with you. I’ve had spirits who I never would have expected to be gentle or comforting be the very definition of those things.


Dedication itself can be a form of payment for services rendered.


That still counts as an offering, brother.


What I mean is that I’m dedicated bro,didn’t offer anything at all
But he is buisness like in the sense that he doesn’t like to waste time,like at all

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Get yourself sorted, you have to be able to hear the spirits.

Then if you want to see them start learning how to see energy.

Do these two things and you will be well on your way to being able to have the senses to experience the spirit. Believe me every ritual you did worked and he was there. But you just couldn’t see or hear him because you have not yet developed the psychic senses necessary to interact.


How do i dedicate myself to king paimon… I also wanted to tatoo his sigil into my body? Do u think its ok with the king?

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I misread your post🤦🏿‍♂️ I would if I wanted to be connected in a deeper way to the spirit,I plan on getting Satan’s sigil on my hand somewhere

Yes same here… I wanted to tatoo king paimon sigil to my hand… Is that ok? And how do i dedicate myself to the king?

This sounds like a really good dedication to me; you’re putting a part of him into your flesh.

Thank you Alita

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