I type this to ask a little thing... Perhaps one last time

Hello, I am a new one and yet I am old one. I do not wish to waste most of your time so I will be brief.

I hail from another side of spirituality. One completely denied of the connections of “religious debate”.
A void or perhaps a vacuum of understanding I am often met with to many.

I wonder how anything of what I hear surrounding any community ,This one currently I check most of all…
Holds a candle, ‘burning or not’ To the understandings that can be derived of simple reflection on the nature state of existence…

Rather I inquire really I do. As a final reach perhaps of trying to find some sort of community or bonded kinship with a fellow “Lord”. Now I am not in to the Edgy stuff I see so littered around most peoples little black books.

We come from away ways of ways… Bound rather often for safety, as we secure our objective of existing out here as we do with any other existence… We are not invaders yet we are not of "the natural’ that I am sure some of those who wish to call themselves druidic or pagan would understand…

I merely ask… Is there a single person in this entire board who doesn’t sit there and stab a Ouji board thinking that is casting spells? Drinking from blood cups thinking that such releases Power? … Is there a damned soul in here who has conjured into the inner workings of the astral or metaphysical as it is often labeled?
IF I ASKED what was “castle-side” would I be met with a damned blank moon stare from a fellow human? Of “Finishings” would I be blankly met with a “um what is that?”… If I sat in detail describing the adjudication of someones soul shell in order to reestablish themselves from internalized aura fragments, would I have to bring out a giant graph and point out the dynamics of a soul before proceeding?


Yes, quite a few of us.

Are you certain you’re using terminology others use all the time? :thinking:

Take a look at this and see if anything seems familiar:


Aight. This board is full with people. If you scroll a bit through your fields of interest you will probably find one or two or twelve individuals you could click with. Just dig a bit.


A lord that forgets how to speak in a common tongue will likely find themselves alone and weak in the art of persuasion. Please, revise the question frankly and you may find others who are like minded.

I am interested in what you are asking, by the way.


It’s a common occultist trait to pick up a pseudo philosophical persona when they are online, instead of talking like they do offline lol.


If you check this most of all, why are you questioning us? Do your own research.


Can we all calm down a bit and can we just not?

@AXA-CALIS Keep in mind that some people on here don’t use english as their native tongue. If you want to get to the core of something fast you could try to be more…plain. It would probably also prevent everything that leads to this right here gestures vaguely


Welcome to the forum. You’ll find exactly what you’ve sought here.


Okay, replies on this got a bit out of hand, let’s try again: @AXA-CALIS if you’re still with us, try talking a bit about yourself or cool things you think others may want to know, as you observed coming in and ass-uming things doesn’t go over so well. I’ve moved this to Journals where you’ll have a bit more latitude to make personal entries and stuff. :+1:


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It is not forgetting to speak in common tongue.
I speak random pieces of esoteric B.S to see the response.

I doubt you are interested. Frankly put I don’t’ see but a single critical mind try to tare down a single thing i’ve said with you however being the most/only critical one.

You are the only one to challenge a directly important factor of what was said…
Which means this place doesn’t likely have many good people.

It has the wish stabbers, the goats pointing north, The people who wish another reality instead of embracing the one they got collectively.

It is sad, this is the chaff of someone who’s gathered broken people…
Another “cult”, no, worse it has no ambition that leads to sex parties.

This only makes me sad, as I come from from tragedy… Again, and again.
I see people abusing others all the time, what makes this place any different?
Not a single bit…

I came here to poke, and I am found wanting… Sure I am not giving much effort but I think there isn’t much to be found here.

I come here to find those who care about this reality, this existence, and it’s relationship beyond… Which requires healthy function, to be able to extend ones self beyond… Instead I find a bit of lunacy, derangement,Disregard, hatred, and failed connectivity of the self.
However… It is those who are damaged that are worth helping, but only the willing…
Only the willing.

NOBODY here blinks and eye when I say new old one.
No one here looks at me stupid when I say “another side of spirituality”.
Nobody here denies me for denying the connection to the religious side!

I came here with post modernist rhetoric…
I also came with a few riddle pieces, castle-side…
Finishings… A few minor details… To see if anyone speaks up with something relative…
Nobody does?

Taken for granted is everything on the otherside? Is everything here taken for granted with no solid factors.
Everyone here spiritually inclined yet disconnected?

I come here to see if someone will make fun of the obvious stupid in my posts…
Just another for granted I guess in the eyes where they do not see common factors that exist…

Hi there. I’m interested, would you mind telling me more?
I think a great way to test the atmosphere is by making stupid posts too.

You won’t find that here. Most of the posters here are more interested in conversing with others about their various beliefs in magick and how it can or has changed them, influenced them, etc.

We don’t tear people down round these parts, you’d have to go to a different forum if you’re looking for that…everyone has a valid voice here.

Good luck.

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Wow twisting it much? k
Yeah yall don’t tear people down here, meanwhile tears me down.
Projecting is a thing you know.

I find that first part interesting though. believing in magic and how that changes you.
Very much noted.
I am done here, packing up.

Primus of toxicity you are not.

Okay, cya.


Incorrectly replied, pay no mind.

Velenos hovering much .
Just chomping at the bit for interaction.