Intro + I'm new to left hand path,can anyone advise me how to invoke Lucifer and Lilith

Please give me Sigil of Lucifer and Lilith,as I have decided they would be my patron gods…

Please check the forum for info on that. There are already some really amazing posts on how to summon these exact spirits.

Also, make sure to create an Introduction thread in the “New Members and Introductions” category. It’s one of the forum rules.
In that post, say a few things about you. For example, who you are, perhaps some info about you (if you wish), areas of magic that you have experience with, areas of magic that you want to learn and even areas of magic that you need help with. Any other info you may want to share is also welcomed!


Those sigils are very easy to find here or even google but what made you decide they were patron and matron?
Usually the Spirit lets you know.


Thanks Manosman and Aletta for replying :blush::blush::blush:

Can you help me with the magic,I’m new to magic,im going through hard time in my life.Can you be my mentor…

Please post a proper introduction in our Intro thread. It is one of the rules of this forum. Tell us a bit about yourself and any magical experience you have.

Just click on the link provided.


First you need to evoke the search icon demon! :wink:


Just a small joke, please take no offense from it. I wish you the best.


A beginner seeking possession by Lucifer and Lilith.

I love the grand ambition! You will, however probably need to spend some time ramping up.

Evoking Eternity by EA Koetting is a great manual for spirit work.
Works of Darkness by EA Koetting is a great practical intro to black magick.

Once those two books are in the bag, or suitable alternative education, which shouldn’t take more than a few months of practice, then you will be able to “invoke” whoever you want.

Welcome to the forum!


Thank You for your introduction and welcome!

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There is alot of information on how to contact/begin to work with these two spirits on this site. Simply use the search key ( top right hand, magnifying glass symbol) and type them in.
I would suggest doing some research on them before contacting them. Never good going into a relationship with a spirit, ( for a relationship is what it is), blindly.
I decided to comment on your post because I am currentley prepareing a ritual involving both of these spirits, and don’t believe in coincedence. They both can be great guides along the path, especially if worked with together to create a balanced transformation to ones self. But be prepared for the lessons they teach. Lucifer is the light bringer who burns away the illusions of misconceptions in ways that can be very extreme, and Lilith… Well, Lilith is like a mistress with a strap-on. Cruel and beautiful are her lessons.
But I wish you the best on your endevours, and hope you find what you are truly looking for on the path.

Ars Longa Vita Brevis


Love It!!! LOL


My Favorite Deities are:
1)Lucifer light Bringer
9)Papa Legba
10)Angels like Michael, Raphael,Gabriel and Uriel mainly for Protection and Guidance
But first I would like to invoke archangel Michael for Protection and Guidance and then I will invoke Lilith and Lucifer…

I will not be rushing,I will go step by step…


You shouldnt ask random people to mentor you.

As everyone has said there is a wealth of info on this site, read and read, best thing you can do.


New tab > " Lilith sigil" > New tab > “Lucifer sigil”

Better get on that proper introduction.
The batman will get you


Hi how are you??

Hope not to bother but have you ever contacted Heralah or Marduk ??