First summons last night

Hi guys.
so yesterday i did my first summon it was about 7 in evening coz i was home alone wrote the letter stating that if possible could i havw it now as home alone. Laid down for 45 mins and nothing . Got up and did some bits and thought id try it again laid down cleared my head and all of a sudden i fell this electronic feeling in my foot all the way up it all over my body it was nice feeling but only lastest 5mins . When i felt it first time my mind went wondering ketped asking for more. Would that be reason it stoped? Do u have to have clear mind the whole time?
Dont get me wrong i didnt think it would work as too early in evening and im buzzing that it did just wanted little extra.
The reason i wanted it when no one in is coz i fot know what happen if i do have full orgasm abnd start screaming in night and then someone walks in lol.

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Maybe say that it was the letter of intent succubus ritual u did? Having a clear mind helps and dont focus on within u, but the energy wich is outside of u, when that energy goes into you then focus on that. Be patient and more things will happen in the nights


@Bellarose.1 I have noticed that you keep posting yet you haven’t introduced yet. handIntro


How do i do it? When i click the link it comes up evertone else but i cant see how to add mine?

If you scroll down to the hearts or the “likes” on Timothys you can see a circle arrow sort of thing click that and you can write your own