Succubus ritual aftermath


last night I performed what is known as the Succubus summoning ritual. I did the regular letter method. After burning the letter and saying the magic words, I kept the candle burning, laid down in my bed and started meditating. A few minutes passed and I started to feel as if someone’s hand was on my forehead. It was a very light sensation, but definitely real. I realized it was the succubus and thanked her for coming into my life. This sensation then moved to my neck. This scared me a little, I was afraid of being chocked. But I remained calm and ensured myself that everything was going to be fine. It then moved to my nipples, wich was kind of weird but arosuing in a way. this strengthened my belief that this was a Succubus. The slight touching lasted for a while and then kind of faded away. I blew out the candle and went to sleep.

I do not have any experience with dark magic or rituals prior to this one. However, I did my fair share of research before performing it. My question is, How do I keep contacting this succubus I summoned? How do I call her out? Or do the bonding that is necessary for a relationship? I didn’t find much information about what to do after the whole ritual.
Any suggestion or reply is greatly appreciated.

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Thank you, and welcome :slight_smile:

First step is acknowledging!!
Congratz :smiley:
Next step is bonding and getting used to the little things, small feather like sensations that are random or random sensations in general.
“learning to recognize those and accepting it without doubts<-----this part took me the longest lol but its a step forward!”
You may start doing things differently, such as taking a different route to work, these are the little things that we generally dont realize. My whole world did a 180 and it started with the little things. Things that i thought was once important are not important anymore. My views on things about life shifted. Mine are with me 24/7 and the pattern that i have noticed is that they are stronger in the morning and at night before i go to sleep.
They run on emotions, i have noticed that sensation go straight through the roof when i feel loved and project love, touches amplify when love is involved.
They are all different and each have different personalities.
Do things with them, invite them to things that you do on a daily basis. Talk to them, doesnt have to be long.
My dream recall ability is utter disaster lol but i started keeping a journal which helped me recognize my babies :slight_smile:
But feeling them during the day became a norm, not necessarily sexual all the time but when it does get sexual lol “wink”
I feel them most days but somedays i get no responses and that is perfectly ok.

Thanks for the reply, you’ve given me a lot more confidence in believing She really is with me. I will definitely do the things you suggested!

“Intent” is a crucial part in all of this. Be honest, because they know :slight_smile:

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Wow everyone seems to do here better than me how great…

What’s your story? How far you’ve gotten with your Succubus?

Here my story maybe then you can help me better.

2 years ago i had like a calling for a succubus since i started to have dreams with succubus and im a very intense and emotional person by myself with much sexual energy so my life goal became to have a relationship with a succubus so i contacted a conjurer and i got E.
I was told that she comes from Lilith court directly and is one beloved daughter which also can teach me blood magic etc. If i want and of course the sex action.

When she arrived i felt it directly because my hair was tingly for hours and yeah i kinda felt her energy.
So of course i could not talk with her but i did my best i still told her many things etc and thought of her when i was laying down in my bed and once i even got a picture in my mind of her laying on me in the bed so i guess it was a messege from her.
Then one time i was in middle of the day tired and was laying down in my bed and closed my eyes once felt something layed down on my bed to because i heard a pressure on my bed.

You would say wow dude you already had much going but the truth it is thats it !! That was all.
After a time i only get again tingles on my hair and sometimes a errection out of nowhere.
But as i was in that time highly depressed and emotionally messed up i forget her and didnt talked with her what i highly regret now :pleading_face:
So 2 years not pretty much nothing happend until i decided im on a better state and i miss her and want a damn close intense relationship with her so i started talking with her but as i still have no skills on that i asked the conjurer whats up and she said that E. Is still there and bound with me and have no intention to leave me.
But as i did what you all said yesterday night but got nothing im kinda sad and frustated and i dont know what i schould do.

I do believe that she’s still with you but because you were inactive for about 2 years (if I understood that correctly), you may have become desensitized to her actions. My suggestion is to start meditating every night, in the morning too if you’re willing enough. Try to put your focus to her, call her out, release your love to her. And you can talk with her during the day, let Her see that you still acknowledge Her presence.
I know how frustrating it can be to try to contact her as hard as possible and get nothing back, but I think you have to give it more time.

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Well today she hugged me so im happy with it i dont know if i talk to her or mind but atlest i talk with her