Protecting yourself from backfiring a hex or curse?

Hi everyone,

I’ve heard some cautionary tales about hexes and curses backfiring if you don’t take certain precautions - only effecting yourself, or even effecting both yourself and your target, regardless if the target knows how to defend themself. Anyone with experience have any insight on this?

I have a few years of being a magician under my belt so i’m no newbie, but almost no experience with baneful magic, so just trying to cover my bases.

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I only know you must not curse or hex the undeserving, and I do not believe in karma. I think it all depends on what you are taught and how you feel about it.

If you have a feeling it may backfire, dont do it, the feeling is your answer.

If you know it will bring something back to you, you can call it first before you do it, give the curse a consequence you are willing to take on, like, you know if he loses his hair, you might lose some of yours but that’s okay, you’re willing to take it (silly example, but you know).

But I still think with curses and hex, it always feels right with me because the person has done wrong, no doubt about it and they will pay and that is that.

I have had tiny incidents, when I was younger, but I cursed with fear and then felt guilt, even when the person was very bad…dont do that, dont have fear and guilt and still go ahead.

I protect myself, especially if I curse on behalf of someone, with prayer, salt, days of meditation before, white candle prayers with my saints and wear st Michael around my neck. And I always ask the spirits to decide whether this magick gets delivered or not ( because you never know if the person you’re helping is being 100% honest about the situation).

Also know your weak spot. I protect my psyche first because I use it the most and it’s open the most. I’m not afraid as much of physical backfire but I focus on psychic protection.

Its personal with curses. Depends a lot on you, your feeling, your strengths.

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That last part about it being personal, I mean know yourself and what you can do and handle and what you fear. And protect yourself anyways even if you’re not doing curses, not so much from the curse but from your own mind playing tricks on you and attracting funny things :wink:


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Take this in mind:

One cannot usually harm others, unless builds a tolerance of pain in oneself, because you can’t trully harm if you don’t harm yourself in the process.

So you want to protect yourself? Learn how to heal, is more painful healing yourself than harming yourself.