Met Kalfu - Met Kalfou - Papa Kalfu

What’s happened lately.

Well a while ago i returned to my path of necromancy working with various shades, Lords of death and The Death Gods, last night i did a ritual with Akasha-Subterfuge the black cobra with blood red eyes, a lord of death.

I evoked him inside various black candles shaped as a inverted pentagram, inside of it i had a formula called dead dirt which the dead taught me to make which holds a lot of death essence and saturnian energy.

I then used the dust to make saturns symbol and opened it as a gate, the backdoor of saturn was open and Akasha-Subterfuge rose before me, he demanded i take his power he would not give it to me i had to forcefully take it.

So i did as i took his power i ended up coughing violently, i couldn’t breathe and was struglling to get of the ground the death power of this dead god coursed through me it was killing me from the inside out.

I demanded to know why i needed this power, in a hissing sinister voice he said.

" There is great work to be done Necromancer, you need this power to pursue it ".

Then i ended the rite went to sleep and left my body there i was at a crossroad and Papa Legba stood there looking worried, i asked what this was about he said

" i’m sorry my son i’m just here to open the crossroads to you, now i must go ".

His form vanished and the crossroads got dark and cold, sinister loud
but strong drums echoed from behind.

Then the Voudon Devil stood before me Met Kalfou himself, i was shocked and taken back he explained the back door to saturn leads to the roads of Kalfu and that not many have walked in this path and survived.

He then revealed to me a long forgotten or hidden magickal pathworking in Voudon the priesthood of Papa Kalfu, he told me forget the initiations in Voudon i once took, forget the initiations in Voudon that i haven’t done.

Because he had given me a choice, to work through Voudons forbidden initiations and to move through the greatest of rank. I accepted and from then on the pact was sealed just by word.

The Kalfou Path.

In this path the initiate will be working with the darkest most dangerous Loa, his names have many different variations from Met Kalfu, Met Kalfou, Papa Kalfu and Papa Kalfou.

In Africa many refer to him as the Devil of Voudon, he is also the scariest of african boogeymen, in many voodoo and voudon rites, Kalfou will just walk in the home without being summoned and everyone will bow their heads and remain silent.

This Loa is never to be taken lightly he does not fuck around whatsoever, his power is far beyond that of many other Loa. The initiations of Met Kalfu most have been hidden or destroyed. From my understanding there actually isn’t a whole pathworking dedicated to Papa Kalfu.

This is probably going to be a fucking nuts ride can’t wait to get started, when i complete this path working i will be releasing it to the public, but beware and be warned this is one of the most serious dangerous path workings there is.


Met Kalfu is no joke. Sounds like you’ve been reading Necromantic Sorcery :+1:


Yes but i don’t agree with the way the Necromantic Sorcery works …

The way i see it Met Kalfu is a complicated Loa he keeps his nature and agenda to himself.
But you are right brother he is no joke.


I don’t agree with them either. Too needlessly violent in some parts. But most of the Vodun stuff is pretty good. Met Kalfu can open the way for armies of shades to enter under your command. But honestly, when I called him down and offered to him, I’ve never experienced a more frightening spirit. I’ve called demons of the night, ancient gods of death and war, ravenous vampiric gods and spirits, and even faced my own dark side in the Nightside, and none of that held a candle to the fear that Met Kalfu caused me when I called him.


Exactly brother spot on …

He is a Lwa which I’ve noticed doesn’t truly show his entire self instead he shows aspects of terror to challenge the operator and to use that form to instigate movement which is the true role of an adversary.


Okay question. Because I’m having a tad bit of trouble finding info here. Does he come to people as a hooded shadow man sometimes? I wanna know more about him only for research purposes. I work with Lucifer and do not dabble in the vodun stuff.

I’ve had him manifest as that yes. But most commonly he doesn’t even appear physically but you can feel him standing behind you.


Oh. Okay lovely then. I think I mistook him for a plain old shadow creature and tried to have him banished from my life when I first came to BALG. He did leave for a while but when he came back to my senses I was working I felt him behind me and had a feeling like a hand placed upon my shoulder and the thumb pressing into my back and burning a little.

I’m still not 100% sure if they’re the same being though, as the shadow man always acted like a strict father to me. But he made me so dizzy and out of it that everything went fuzzy in my vision and all there was was he and I discussing with each other. I finely gave in and said the word deal and suddenly the lights in my packing plant surged and I instantly felt better. Since then a lot of stuff has gotten better as well. Whereas when I denied him it kept getting increasingly worse. So I just dont know what that’s about.

Kalfu I found easy to work with as long a he’s happy u get to keep breathing.

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One other thing about Kalfu that I learned is never gamble with him. I did, now I’m paying for winning the bet. Its a game heads u lose tails he wins. Think twice with Kalfu and mind ur manners because u can get punished for anything with him. Good luck. I know I’m going to pay for telling y’all this. I’m already hurting.

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