Which demon was it?

I’ve Had 2 different apparitions one was I saw with my own two eyeballs and the other was a dream. Can you guys help me identify which demons they were?

First: I was in a hotel with my family in Pismo beach, CA. I felt like something was staring at me in my sleep so I look up. And I see this extremely tall figure pushing 8 feet wearing all black. Strong but slender built. Shoulder length hair, tannish skin, and vibrant blue green eyes inhuman vibrant almost neon. I just looked at him as if I knew him and I said, “oh, it’s you.” Then I fell asleep again. Second time with the same entity look but I was pregnant and it was following me around.

This other entity appeared in my dream. I was in some early European society party. And I dance with a man. He had dark curly hair, strongly built, tall but very tall, beard with goatee, and dark blue or black eyes. We were dancing then he wanted me to sign a document with Aramaic symbols with my blood which I declined but I told him I can help him with getting souls. And that’s all.

Please can someone help me identify both of these entities? If they are spirits or demons?

If you need my name just ask.

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