Nastiest break up. Can I still reconcile with my ex?

I was hopeless before I’ve seen this forum but I’ve seen people posting that they were able to manifest their intents within 8-9 months with their ex lovers.

Excuse my english as it is not my first language.

Here are the list of things that I have done so far

  1. Put his name (5x) and my name (7) on a paper for , fold it towards me, say the chant and put it under the bed
  2. Contact me spell - with the fire symbol and chant
  3. Ammonia jar - reverse spell - for him to forget the things that I have done
  4. Put his name under my feet and stomp with an intent for him to comeback
  5. Text or call me spell
  6. NAP - called anael, jazar, pagiel.
  7. Lighting candle - miss me spell
  8. Hired a spellcaster - she called Anteros which cost less than $15

I am considering to do the following:

  1. Blood binding spell - with our pictures and blood together
  2. Sigil with blood and heart of chicken
  3. Hire another spell caster - anyone you can recommend?
  4. Do another ammonia jar - where he is not comfortable contacting other girls.

Thank you to anyone who will put their insights.

Make an introduction. Is a rule in this forum.

And when you come back to this, explain yourself a little more.

I don’t get it.

There are many threads about the topic of bringin exes back, so I would sugest you use the search function for that.

And welcome.

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I’d say too much spells and rituals. To me it sounds like you doubt your own success and you wish to continue with new ritual everyday till you see results… I’d suggest you take a break, move on with your life and be sure he’s coming back. Then the rituals that you already did will manifest. Good luck


If you’ve done all of that and asked spirits with no success you probably should just move on honestly

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