Can someone please explain this

Why is their many cases where people say they are demonically attacked why would demons attack them and is it truly them or just malevolent spirits. And how come if people on this forum say that angels and demons aren’t in a spiritual war why does the name of Jesus drive away the bad spirits ?

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First of all, there’s a problem with the word ‘demon’ as used by xtians - it’s a catch all word for any entity that is not on the approved list. It means “not angel, “God” or saint”. That’s a massive list.

The ‘demons’ these people are referring to could be a few things:

  1. What we call negative entities, or “negs”, and I call them “lesser entities”. These are usually parasitic and feeding off the human’s energy. It may or may not be malicious or intelligent. Some are just astral wildlife that’s got in the wrong place at the wrong time, some are imps, some are shadow beings, there’s a lot of types and motives.
    They are not “demons” as we refer to demons in the occult.
  2. They are daemonic entities sent to the target as a deliberate attack by another human.

The spiritual war thing is a matter of opinion. I personally take the view that’s it’s pure bullshit cooked up by xtians to further thier agenda of enslavement of mind and spirit - scared people are suggestible and more easily influenced into giving up thier sovereignty, power and money.
Xtianity is pure evil imo, to do this to people that trust them.

The name of Jesus doesn’t do jack shit.
The power comes from the person within using thier own personal magik to effect change. It’s almost funny if it wasn’t so sad, watching people actually show up the lie that they can’t do anything without the xtain dogma, and there they are doing it.


Good points thanks!

“As surely as I live,’ says the Lord, 'every knee will bow before me; every tongue will acknowledge God” Romans 14:11

It’s their faith. If they truly believe this, then that alone will compel any spirit.


There are many types of demons, some do what you mentioned and others don’t. They are probably either attracted to you or someone sent entities to attack them. Having both happen, prayer/banishing seems to work.

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