Natural Abilities?

(Going to be a bit long, but just trying to give as much info as possible. I’m not lying, or bullshitting, or attention seeking.)

I didn’t really know where else to go with this, I was basically drawn here so I hope to get some feedback. I’d really like to know what it is that I’m experiencing.

Since forever I’ve known I was different, I don’t really want to say special, maybe just more influential over my envorionment.

When I was 3 or 4 I gained the ability to lucid dream as if it were nothing. In addition, as a child I was told how dreams never had anything in common, however I could always make my dreams into a series. This is basically just a start.

As I got older things typically always worked out for me somehow. I was always smart and charismatic. I always looked at things with optimism, even when others thought I shouldn’t or things were going terribly wrong in their eyes. I knew they’d work out my way. I’ve also always been able to persuade others rather easily. I easily skated through life and always wondered how little i could do and still reap the benefit.

Later in life in my late teens/beginning of my 20s I realized I could do things. I directed enough feelings of hatred and anger and hatred towards 2 family members and they wound up getting sick and dying one after the other within a year or 2.
Skip ahead to current times, I’m in my early-mid 20s. Things aren’t necessarily perfect, but not horrible either.
My abilities lately manifest themself as sort of visions of the future, usually the very close future. I’ll randomly have an idea, or word, or vision of something scratching in my brain waiting to get out and I’ll tell someone only for it to come true later. It’s also EXTREMELY specific. I was always a scientific person and there’s no chance anymore these are coincidences. This would happen almost daily for awhile.

I’ve found when I doubted my abilities they began to supress themselves, so now I’m done doubting. I’ve looked up other psychics to try and see what’s going on and it’s always pure bullshit i find. People who claim to see “guardian angels” or talk to dead relatives and thats not how this is working at all! I just dont want to be labeled as crazy as them. So what is this? Some sort of dark gift? Ive never practiced magick before. How do i hone this ability? Someone HELP


You don’t need help, friend. You just need to keep up the not-doubting and go with the flow. You’re gifted with sensitivity that has somehow remained untouched by society and outside influences.

Directing emotions toward something and seeing results is pretty much the definition of magick, by the way. Keep it up!


How would I begin to hone these abilities? Like how I get small sneak peaks into the future? It’s pretty disorganized. Just random little images, words, ideas that sneak into my mind. Wouldn’t know where to begin.

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As you grow, so will your abilities. It took me a few years to move from heavily symbolic visions, to extremely clear and literal visions. Just continue on your path and you’ll naturally grow stronger.

Thanks very helpful and most likely whatll happen since my abilities seem to keep evolving and changing hopefully theyll all improve too

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Hello. Obviously you have a strong natural talent for projective empathy. It’s a pity you haven’t been able to find a reliable psychic training group that could teach you how to refine and control your abilities. Is there a decent school of Yoga anywhere in your town? Or a group called The Church of Religious Science (not to be confused with the Christian Scientists)? Or even a Pagan study group? Any of these should be able to teach you how to meditate – i.e., reach the Alpha level of brain-wave activity, which is where psychic talent can be easily roused and directed. The first step in any kind of psychic training is learning how to reliably get yourself into Alpha state, in other words meditating.

There are some simple Yoga breathing exercises that can readily get you into Alpha state, such as inhaling to a slow count of three, then holding your breath for an equal count of three, then exhaling to an equal count of six, then holding for another equal count of three. Repeating this exercise about six times should get you well into Alpha/meditative state.

Once there, you should carefully feel out your body (check your breathing, heartbeat, the workings of your digestive tract, etc.) to learn thoroughly how your body feels when you’re in Alpha state, so you can recognize it when you repeat the exercise. This is called “centering”. It’s also very good for showing you your body’s normal workings so that you can identify health problems if they sneak up on you. So far, these are basic exercises of Hatha Yoga, and any good Yogi should be able to guide you in practicing them.

After that comes “grounding”. While in Alpha state, with your eyes closed, extend your awareness to the space around you. Psychically feel out your immediate surroundings and all the material objects – and, if present, living things – within it. Be aware of your connection to the area and the objects/etc. in it. Then extend your awareness to the floor under you, then the ground under that, the topsoil, the underlying clay or sand beneath that, then the bedrock under that, and if possible feel down through the crust of the Earth to the mantle, then the core. Feel the sense of exactly where you are in space on this planet, so that you’ll always have a sense of where you are and where your body is sitting. Wherever you do your meditating, always “ground” yourself to the area.

After this, you may notice psychic impressions coming to you, as you’ve said, “scratching” at your brain for attention. If so, open yourself to them and let them display themselves. Study them carefully so as to get all the available information, but don’t let your mind wander off on tangents – or you may fall asleep! When you’ve obtained all the information you can, pull yourself up to ordinary (Beta state) awareness and write down your impressions. Keep a notebook of such impressions for future reference. This is often called a “Book of Shadows”.

Practicing these techniques will probably keep you busy for a good long time, so I won’t go any further just now. As I said, there should be study groups that can help you. Try searching the Internet for any such in your area. Good hunting.



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