Has anyone ever been spoken to by Demons without rituals

Have you ever been contacted without performing rituals/chanting names?

Have demons or anything directly spoken out to your mind with booming voice when being overtaken by a bone chilling cold?

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yes people have. You do not need a ritual to communicate


Vassago reached out to me when I was just meditating. I didn’t know anything at all about him.

I feel as if theres some people in my life whos demon or whatever in place of their mind had spoken to me like intimidatingly and ive always had known mt grandma to speak about demons growing up she had us write hyroglypics or whatever for punishments pages u know. But just like demons she knew of extra terrest. And such and she explained that she omce seen me outside of where im at but to be me in physical appearance i was roughly the same that day with same clothes and hair and all but she noticed she was just getting stared at years ago by me which is what she said to be an anno- nacha?(on.o.knock.uh) E.t. type or such because all like me but the eyes. She says i probably possess it and tried to take over probably e.t. probaby demon. Or their same. U know but such is taking place after those years im a mother and my daughter and me know everything isnt right or fair in life but what can anyone understand of this? I would like to but my grandma and whatevers said might be all a lie shes probably a failure as a mother but shes like barely shit to me . and im mexican first generatiom mex american so u know we came from dirt shit … Shits rough out here . -jgm

I do - almost daily with Hecate, less so for others. I use ritual for initial contact, for anything involving blood or some other payment, and honoring.

I will say that I’m not entirely present when I speak without ritual. Typically, this involves some type of trance to make to connection clearer. It has to be light enough to get in clear-ish contact, but not so heavy to not respond to important stimuli.

If you have a strong bond they come to check you oand theyr essence rememains for periods of time after rituals


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It is actually the normal for me. Most demons have contacted me of their own. Very few times it was me who did the first contact

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I talk to demons and such through etheric projection or by means of them entering the energetic layer of the physical and me still on the physical. I find rituals unnecessary for most things.

During meditations i’ve often seen goetia, though at the time didn’t initiate a conversation.


Yeah most of the tim it’s not uncommon for them to do this