Sallos came to me in a dream

Ive been through a really nasty break up the past week, i half want to reconcile
Last night im sure Sallos came to me in my dreams. I heard a lot of whispering saying Sallos call sallos,

Then I finally woke up to my 3 year old son saying in his sleep, “hes behind you…a ghost…hes behind you”

Do you think Sallos was reaching out?


Before this i have never heard of him

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Done xx

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Maybe it was Sallos, it most likely was I can not say if it was, because I have never worked with him, but it definitely sounds like it could, because you had a dream about him.

I heard his name repeatedly and then a man standing with a light behind me, it was almost black and white, as i stirred awake, i heard, Sallos will help you

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That is one way that spirits will reach out to you. I have many experices like that, many spirits want to work with me for some reason and I will eventually work with them all. Sorry for having to go through a bad break up

Its was the worst i have ever experienced, i dont think ill ever forget it,
But i want my image to plague him and make him feel guilty for such an abusive relationship

Its taken me time to understand when I’ve been approached

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Yeah those are horrible, I can not speak from experience personally because I have never had a girlfriend yet, but I know what it does to people, at least you are out of that now

Yeah true but hearbroken :sob:

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This is how he reached out to me as well. At first I didnt know who was the one I saw in my dream but a couple of days later I read a post about someone’s experience with him and the description was identical. It was a pretty big shock atm.


I chose to evoke him today, see if i was right with him reaching out to me

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Funny. In my dream he only said a phrase to me before I woke up. “The event will happen on wednesday”. Today is wednesday. Nice synchronicity :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Oh wow, i didnt hear what he said, i did see him, but the last thing i heard was Sallos will help you