The Black Pullet

No sir, I’m new here and don’t know what is going on sometimes but felt interested in your post. Thanks

Ok, your new and it can be a bit overwhelming where to start sure that’s understandable, but that’s why you should read the links posted in threads because they usually try to answer questions like yours, also i’m assuming if @Lady_Eva has seen your posts she has sent you her new members package if so then read them as they have a lot of very useful information for beginners.

Now the symbols within the Black Pullet don’t have specific spirits associated with them per se, it’s more akin to invoking elemental forces and then directing it to a goal by your intent, not a lot of communication with it, at least not the kind your probably referring to and not something most people would understand until they have experienced it for themselves.

One method you can try for spirit communication is to first get a sigil of a spirit you want to speak with then follow the steps for the link above and have 5 or so questions written out you want answered by that spirit and when you get to step 4 ask your first question out loud then write down what comes into your head, no matter how weird or silly that might seem to you because that will most likely be the spirit talking to you, or if you have one you can use a voice recorder, that’s always fun, especially the first time you begin ‘speaking in tongues’ and have zero control over it. And when you start doing that on a regular basis you’ll also notice a big differences between your internal dialogue and what’s coming from a spirit.


Yep, @ongalist the most important part of that, for your question, is this link:

There are links by members in that topic, this is worth reading, many people have had successes with it:


Bro could you teach me how to operate those magic operation in black pullet?,i really need it bro, thanks in advance, am new here and i searched for a long time but i failed, hope you will share your experience on how to do it bro.

Saritap parnisox ottarim.

Back whenever I work with that book, I used this chant like a madman, desperately trying to get things to open, but I was holding myself back and I didn’t believe in it at all. Thanks for reminding me of this publication.

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It’s intriguing, and bookmarked in my mind for later dealings.

You used only sigil opening? What about words that are in book you should say when activating talisman, and about colors?

I used the right the colors…

It’s been a while since I did this. I think said the words in the book but added my own as well


Can you describe the method how you use it?

I just made thing with the right colors and inscribed a ring … the did the work. I left it on my altar for a few days afterwards …

Making it and putting your intent into it is the thing …


The Black Pullet is actually realized or not, King Paimon’s book. He is the mysterious turbaned old man that shows the lost French soldier all the various sigils and trinkets.


@charles9 have you used the talismans from the black pullet to transport yourself somewhere or teleport? does it actually work? I am looking to try that but don’t know what will happen and how to correctly use that

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I’ve used it once or twice with helping in soul travel. But for physical teleporting?

Short answer no, long answer is it might give some aid at the beginning of that path. I’ve no reason not to believe a person couldn’t learn that skill but it would require years, most likely decades of single minded devotion to that one goal at the expense of everything else.


While I personally prefer to make my own stuff like this, I have periodically seen the the full set, on etsy.

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When you used it, what happened? Did you go to the location you wanted to see but in the astral world

Essentially yes, but as you can imagine there’s a bit more to it, once you get the hang of things like opening sigils, scrying and building a body of light (i think it’s called) then you take all that to the next step and use that seal to help project your consciousness to wherever you wish it to go.

@XCrazy_mos The first thing to understand about teleportation and telekinesis is that they are the exact same principle as walking or moving something about physically, both are done by spirit/mind but one is something you are temporally accustomed to and therefore the other seems very “hard”. All things exist but attachment–and it can be quite restrictive–to one habitual consciousness makes other states hard to accept even but they exist.

I think this book works more than anyone realizes. I’m still finding golden eggs. Not as expected where I just go cash in gold eggs. But they are showing themselves everywhere and in the most unexpected ways