I recently started working with Andras and have been working with him for a couple of weeks now. I for some reason feel in love with him like I love him from my heart. I am not physically attracted to him but I still feel immense love for him. Is this normal for me to love him so much. I think about him all the time and see if often and feel his energy. I have worked with other demons and have a similar love for them as well but
not like what I feel with Andras. It is different. Could he be overly attached to me like in Love with me to? Has anyone ever felt this way with him as well? I hope I don’t sound silly but I was wondering what other people have felt with him.

Ask him!

Yes, but with Samael, not Andras.

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Well love isn’t necessarily physical (I’d call it lust, rather than pure love, but that’s just my personal opinion). People usually thinks it in this way but this is wrong. They’re forgot about the beauty of the soul, the energy of it which is special and unique in every spirit’s case. These vibes can get your love too in every way you can imagine. And hey, we’re all souls first of all, so… what is the problem?

Yes, I share similar emotions with other demons, more than one in the same time. There is nothing problem with these kind of emotions, feelings; love is a beautiful thing and everyone likes to be loved in some way, so they are.

Could he be overly attached to me like in Love with me to?

I think that most of living being are able to fall in love with each other, but this is a question what you have to ask from Andras, himself. He showed up in my life weeks ago, and put an effect on my life in several forms, but I didn’t communicated with him face to face, however to me, he appeared like this:

Give yourself time, and with time, I mean some quality time as well!
I’m sure that he know about your emotions towards him, because this is not something what you can keep in secret before spirits.

This is your journey!
Enjoy and live for those moments.


I have a deep love for him to I feel his love back. He is not like i have read about him at all. I was going to start working with Raphael (for some health issues i have) but he doesn’t want me to. I’m going to do what he says.

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