Hi all,
I need more information about Valefor. After a lot of searching i find that there is little to be found about him. Is there anyone asociated to Valefor or well-informed that they can share their knowledge and experience with me?


According to Michael Ford, "Valefor is a vampyric spirit/demon, which initiates through the astral body and dreams. This spirit may be willed and bound to guard one’s sleeping chamber – and feed from any forms which come near you. Valefor has 10 legions of spirits, often appearing through the mirror as a lion with the head of an ass. Valefor may also be a guide to the necromantic arts, communion with the dead, ect."

I’m pretty sure there are some posts about him and people’s experiences with him here. Definitely consider learning more from Valefor himself! You should fsho ask him to come to you in your dreams :slight_smile:


Yep i found that text too.
I was looking for a best suitable companion amongst the 72 spirits from the goetia. Valefor seems to be most suitable for me, i also feel attracted to him. I’m nervous about inviting him for anything. I don’t want to insult him, waste his time or have him angry with me for not being informed enough about him.
Is it helpful if you are a thief already?


If you feel attracted to him, then it sounds like Valefor may also be attracted to YOU. You really shouldn’t be nervous about anything actually! I can guarantee that you’d definitely NOT insult/waste his time, because all goetic spirits are interested in our ascent and evolution. Haha why would he be mad at you for not knowing enough info about him. If anything, he’d think its really cool that you’re trying to learn more about him!


I feel attracted to him too, just from reading this. Like seriously. Just bought a book on necromancy and have had nightmare issues in the past.

Which book did you buy?

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Honoring Death: The Art of Daemonic Necromancy by S Connelly


I already did, you can browse me to check, but i will do it again.

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Does anyone know where to buy the Valefor oleum or find a recipe for it?