Help with dream interpretation

sorry if this is not the proper board for this but i am desperate for interpretation of this dream as i am no good at it. (possibly nsfw as it does mention sex)

from what i can remember, i was running around and lucifer came to visit me, he then branded me on the butt with a pentagram, then proceeded to have a lot of sex with me, there were other demons present as well but i don’t know their names. one was entirely blue and the other was red. lucifer was the only one i could make out perfectly. all i can remember for the rest of the dream is having endless sex with lucifer.

can someone help me with what this means? was it just a meaningless sex dream that happened to involve him, or was it perhaps really lucifer? or could it have just been a joke played on me. i don’t wanna let it go to my head, lol.

i’m newer to talking to lucifer so i’m not entirely sure if this is something he does often.


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so sorry ! i was just hectically doing this but i’ll make it now :slight_smile: sorry again i’m not good at forums

The whole point of the vision is branding a method to ensure that ownership is noticed, and the subject of sex from the romp of demons could be a permanent mark on your reputation in some area of your life or others.

A serious effort made on someone you are in a relationship with to ensure that other people know you are there property.

Branding in your vision is a insensitive action to assert ownership that is completely ignoring your feelings. Making someone look obligated to you through serious gestures or actions. Forcing the appearance of ownership or control onto someone else or labeling others or ruining reputations.


i’m sorry i’m a wee bit dumb at understanding some things, does this mean lucifer feels that way for me? :0 if it helps any i forgot to add in my first post, in my dream it was really erotic and overall kinky like i enjoyed being branded LMFAO maybe it was just my brain saying i need to get laid LOOOOL (sorry i make jokes when i feel i don’t understand stuff)

I’ve had similar experiences with spirits “branding” certain symbols on me, or awakening me to various spiritual bodies/forms. For me at least, these experiences marked a certain “spiritual milestone” on my path, and were accompanied by an increase in knowledge and power, at that moment and in the days and weeks that followed.

Seeing as how you are relatively new to magick, I would wager that this is Lucifer providing you with an “initiation” experience of sorts, letting you know that he is with you and is now guiding you along your spiritual development. Because your experience was rather sexual in nature, perhaps you may find that you resonate well with sex magick, and this could be Lucifer’s way of encouraging you to explore the subject more. Alternatively, perhaps he is letting you know that he can help you get laid lol.

With things like dreams, omens, and moments of intuition, it is your own personal interpretation and feelings about the signs that matter the most. The way that magick responds to your touch will be unique to you, and while the spirits will sometimes deliver messages to you via others, your intuition will guide you more than anything else. It can take some time to learn how to use your intuition, and to learn to trust it, but that is a natural part of the process.

Also, no need to apologize, and no dumb questions here. Magick is a rather strange subject, to put it lightly, and it can be rather confusing. If you’re interested in picking up a book on Lucifer, I personally use Lucifer and the Hidden Demons by Theodore Rose. The method for summoning Lucifer and his Legion is actually pretty simple, though deep, and the powers are described in a way that is easy to understand.

I wish you the best on your magickal journey friend :grin:


thank you! this also makes a lot of sense, i totally get what you’re saying! what’s funny is i used my tarot cards to ask lucifer what the dream meant to him and he basically said it was literal like he’s gonna brand me and stuff. LMFAO… though i’m new to this stuff still so i hope tarot is a good way of speaking to him!

anyway, sorry for rambling and thank you for your response :slight_smile: i hope to make new friends! i don’t have many people to talk to about this stuff

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