New here

Hi. I just joined the forum and this is my introduction in the right place?
I am Lyanna and I am here to learn how to evoke spirits properly and get better results.
I have worked with Angels and other spirits. I have current trouble with getting results
I am interested in working with Azazel in future and keep seeing the name eveyrwhere.


Welcome and kick your feet up; you’re among friends!

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Thanks! xxxx

Yes, your intro is in the right place. Welcome to the BALG forum :slight_smile:

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Good. Thanks!

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I have some resources on Azazel if you want to dm me!

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Welcome @GiaCarangi. Before asking people to message you, please take a moment to post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us a bit about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum and required of all new members.

Edit: Just saw your intro in the Intro thread. It posted as I was writing. Thank you.