Cursing a roommate

Hello everyone, I just thought I’d share an experience I had with an ex roommate about a month ago. It’s kind of a long story but I was thinking some of you might appreciate it.
So my husband and I move to Colorado about year ago. He got a job working at a restaurant and while there he met an individual that, in time started hanging out with us at home. This friend had gotten into a bit of a housing problem so my husband and I took him in. He lived with us for seven months while my husband and I did everything we could to keep our house. As we were going through some financial issues ourselves. The roommate payed for nothing except pot and make-up. I’ve never been one to impede the path of an individual seeking spiritual growth but when the roommate decided he was gonna try and tell me his cultish neo Christian ideology was and must be true and that the gods of my and other traditions are liars and must certainly be in hell, I took upon myself to curse him. Since he was of the opinion that he was protected by his weird Jesus, i wanted to show him that you can’t walk on and over other people’s shit and say it was trash without getting hurt. At least not my shit. Not to mention how disrespectful it is to insult the person who literally took you off the street. So I went about the process of conjuring a night-mare for the cultish roommate. ( Preparing the spell took a couple of days) in the week that followed, the roommate progressively got more aggressive and out spoken about his beliefs and belittling and harassing people outside of our home with his nonsense. So with the spell finally complete, all of my components in front of me, I conjured Belial and asked him to guide me through the work. Through all the visions shifting in my head, the loudest one was of offerings and sacrifice. So thought occurred to me with Belial as my muse, I could just offer up the roomate to Belial. Like I would offer him incense or libations. So the components of my spell changed, instead of sending a night-mare to him, Belial himself would work for me. (I have a very simple soul summoning that I created, inspired by Slavic witchcraft and recommended changes from Belial, if anyone is interested). After the offering was given, I relaxed for the majority of the day with my husband and played video games. At around 5 the roommate comes back from work and goes into his room, he starts to sing at the top of his lungs to weird Jesus, moments later he comes downstairs and mumbles some cliché christian shit and then runs back into his room. Within minutes he comes back downstairs and starts saying he just seen the devil in his room and that I’ve been putting spells on him( true just not the ones he thinks). My husband tells him “no one has the time or energy to do that shit” (he hadn’t known what I had done earlier) I said " besides, your God protects you from all negativity right?" Things escalated from there. So much so that the cops got involved and they only got the sense that the roommate should be on meds. To make a long story short, the roommate was left homeless again. On the street, on a cold night with nothing but the clothes on his back. Over the next few days my husband and I would see him standing on a street corner. The occasional crazy text message we would received only proved his mental health was deteriorating. Last thing we heard was his father came to get him to take him to a mental health clinic. I’m not saying that the sequence of events I just wrote out proves anything. I just wanted to write my experience for you guys and also to get it out of my system. I wanted to show an ignorant christian that even though he thought my spirits were liars and devils, he was not outside their reach. I did the spell and then saw a result. An unexpected result, a most welcomed result. My husband and I had been wanting to get rid of the roommate for a while, even before his religious exploration. He is definitely gone, in my view Belial revealed himself to the roommate and he went into madness. If any of you would like to know the practical parts of the work like conjuring a night-mare just let me know I’d be happy to share this with you.


I would absolutely love to know how you went about this. I have a roommate who I’ve been trying to get rid of for a few months now. Today I sent him a bunch of Craigslist ads for rooms to which he ignored. Later on he called himself sovereign saying he is above the old energy grids or something like that. He also said how there is no such thing as good or bad and how the universe is on everyone’s side. I usually practice runic magick but I’ve never done it to cause harm to someone like removing them from my property. The landlord won’t file an eviction because he isn’t on the lease and it would be expensive. Please help?!

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