Are there sigils sideeffects?

Hello there I am a new member here and I want to share my problem with sigils.
I’ve been casting sigils with masturbation and orgasm since one month now and I’ve already casted 6 sigils at once. Many sigils have to do with sex like my first one was specifically to make women(in general) to ask me sex.They have not manifested yet, but, i feel very very very drained and i got no energy at all I even had a panic attack 3 days before (I never had a panic attack before) and I barely can control myself now to not get a panic attack now. Is this a sigil side-effect? How can I prevent the side effects or make them dissapear? Should I uncast the sigils? ( I don’t remember all the sigils) and how can I uncast the sigils?

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I’m no expert, but for starters, I would create sigils that work in smaller steps/smaller goals that can build upon each other. That could help in the amount of energy being expended on each sigil. Then I would cast a shield, and try to find some rituals for imbuing the spellcaster with a sense of power.

how do you cast shields and where do I find rituals? I know these are questions i can google but i need some guidance because i cant find anything on google

Things like side effects from sigils (that are unrelated to your goal) seem to be something you’ve self-concocted. The health issues you mention are likely saying something about your health and nothing more. I suspect you’re just drained from wanking 6 times in a day.

A tip you can try is: create your sigil and give it a preliminary charge then put it away.
Then once you’ve forgotten the intent behind the sigil go ahead and charge it properly.
I find this helps with overall efficacy.
It is crucial to ensure that the intent of the sigil is out of your mind according to Austin Osman Spare.
Casting 6 sigils at once all centered around the same subject (sex) is what’s counter productive. How are you supposed to release that desire from your conscious mind?

Check out Practical Sigil Magic by Frater U.D. – that’s a good guide


didn’t wank 6 times in one day i wanked 6 times in a whole month, I am getting my multivitamin/going to gym/sleeping well and i never had anxiety issues.The sigils i casted was not only around sex it was self improvement too but I did it with the orgasm method.I just took a look at the whole book you mentioned and i see that there is a specific language for the sigils. Where do I find more?

Practical Sigil Magic by Frater U.D. – that’s a good guide