Need help to remove demoness from friends head

So basically this guy I am seeing invited a demon to join us during sex magick, it definitely possessed my body and became part of me that night… Well during that night our intention was for him to be more submissive to me and for me to become more powerful and dominate over him… (femdom stuff). Well now he is obsessed with this demon, not me, and I’m worried it is going to make him hurt me… I see him looking elsewhere when “talking to me” and he says things to “me” out of no where, answering back to something but it’s not me… He says he’d do anything for me(demon) and that he’d even kill for me… and idk if anyone knows about Chris Watts and how he killed his wife and kids for his mistress… but that is exactly what I am fearing. He mindlessly does things for this demon, another night we were having sex and he said “ok I’ll shave my body” OUT OF NO WHERE. I didn’t say anything like that…Ive had dark dreams of him becoming this red, evil, powerful demon above me, another dream of myself suffocating and stuck under a black blanket. I’ve tried to confront him that he is answering to a demon and not me but he doesn’t admit it. So I am wondering if it’s possible for me to now talk to him without this demon around/in his head. Or is there a truth spell I could use to talk to him? I’m so worried this is going to end horribly… Please help

I mean, seems like he wants the demon around. My understanding of exercism is mostly second hand, but “wanting” or “inviting” the entity seems to be a key part of posession. Hence why not all invocations escalate to full blown posession. Search Robert Bruce’s interview series on koetting’s channel, I think he discusses posession by malevolent spirits.

If you fear for your safety, and he denies this is going on then the only option may be to sever ties with the dude. Which sucks and is hard, but your safety matters!

P.S. Entirely possible that we’re assuming this guy is posesed, could just as easily by mental illness.

Just my thoughts


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This is why this stuff is not a game. There are succubi and incubi that can help you in a positive way, but there are far darker entities that will take advantage of weak willed people. Honestly with what he is saying and doing, you are better off getting the hell out of dodge sooner rather than later. No spell or appeal to an entity is likely to help when you are in immediate danger.

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You don’t need help removing a demon from your friend. Firstly, you need help removing it from YOU. There is more than likely an energetic link to you and this demon, not just your friend.
I would strongly advise to keep your distance from your friend for a while, and really start to learn to use discernment, because would a true friend make you feel in danger and really uncomfortable, even though it is another entity acting through him, but still, he is the instigator.

You have a few options. Find someone who is well versed in clearance work, not some facebook magician who will walk around your house and burn sage, but someone who specialises in this line of work and is gifted. Or, you can do it yourself. Sever the physical connection (keep your distance from your friend), then sever the astral connection. PM me and I can advise you further, if you’re serious about this.

Remember, as @Ulfhednar44 said, this is not a game and you should be very careful of who and what you invite to yourself, especially if you are not prepared or well versed in spiritual hygiene/protection. You need to have protection, whether it be your guides or an angel or a familiar.

Use this as an opportunity to learn and grow stronger.

Wishing you peace, Good luck.


It needs to be relinquished ASAP , they both love each other.

He’s seeing things from a another perspective now because he’s digging it. There’s probably banishing technique out there to help suck out this sex parasite or perhaps look into your herb craft section and look for specific cleansing baths with specific oils and herbs in the picture.

Infernal Sex magick is sacred. Why don’t you use this big opportunity? Consacrating spells, sigils, doing pacts and so on…