Anti aging spell

There is an age well spell in the goetia pathworking book by Darwin Hargrove.

I haven’t used that one yet, but all the other spells in that book have worked great for me so far, so there’s no reason that wouldn’t.

There’s also the book called You Need Not Age Nor Die by Donald C. Barrie that has techniques and explanations of what causes it and how to counter act it using the life force in water as well as developing your will power to keep young.


Proof that it’s a real thing. Have you looking into anti aging at all lol. The fetus blood is an open secret in China. Look into the sown rat experiment.

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Perform the banishing hexagram ritual of saturn every morning.

Oh yeah, i didn’t say it wasn’t real. I had honestly just forgotten about it lol

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Do you have a link for this banishing ritual?

what the actual fuck

If you want to keep your youth this is how the rich and famous do it. It can’t reverse physical aging tho that’s what Soma is for


“Yet the Zohar reminds us that the only reality that exists is consciousness, nothing more. Whatever is in the mind that is reality. As long as we do not believe we can get younger, we will never get younger. Satan has had a good hold on mankind for millennia and nothing has changed. If we do not think it can change, it will not change.” (

Anything that allows you genuine conviction–not strong desire and “high vibes”–in eternal youth will allow the experience. It’s all about consciousness.



Unfortunately no, the source material is a book called ‘magick, kaballah, and the great work of self transformation’. Its also featured in a paid program from a pretty well known magician. Wont say his name though as to not advertise another entity’s work on the forum.

PM me the info?

Dont have the capability yet :frowning:

Daoist internal alchemy (and the preceding steps to get to the actual alchemy) is generally very effective in preserving one’s youth (if coupled with otherwise healthy way of life)

I’m 61 years old. Seems like aging kinda gets to everyone to some extent. I work hard 12 hr night shifts, overtime some weeks, and I know that has to take a cumulative toll to some degree. But I exercise, don’t drink or smoke, eat healthier now than I used to overall. I take some vitamins and supplements—there is one with some research that it may have some age-reversal effects to some degree—Acetyl L-carnitine with Alpha Lipoic Acid. I also include some appeals to rejuvenation and overall health in my magick and prayer work.

Baby blood injections is the best way as of now

wow, that is so disturbing

Just curious, but how does one do such a thing?

Lmao those aren’t aborted fetuses. Most likely miscarriages

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