Stealing demons

If demons aren’t property, how is it possible to sell them on the internet?

That’s usually just a binding/portal/link to the specific demon in question. Think this way, if you went on one of the many websites advertised on TV and hired a carpenter to fix your house do you own them, or do you simply have their services for as long as you retain them?

I don’t understand. Why wouldn’t I just google the sigil and put it on a t-shirt myself then? There’s obviously an egregore built up here that is keeping the sigils charged.

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Usually when you purchase a binding/etc its keyed to your energy signature to make it so much easier for you to work with. Lets say if you pulled up the sigil and did the work yourself, its like riding a bike, but getting a binding/etc is like getting a bike with training wheels. Its for when you are either looking for something you don’t have the experience to confidently work with, or don’t have the full knowledge to be ready to interact with

Is there any safeguard at all though against me just using the thing to curse the person who charged it and sold it to me? Like anything at all?

Ok, so hypothetically… suppose TWO magicians conjure the same demon, at the same time, and ask it contradictory things. Who wins?

Yes. When you make a working, if you have any form of experience and are reputable you generally put safeguards on your working so that it can’t be traced back to you and GENERALLY you put safeguards on the extent the being can go to. I have a purchase in my household that’s super malicious, but the way the working is done is that they can’t even flex if i don’t use blood to allow them to flex

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Who says either wins? It could always choose to work with both to different extents and just laugh. Generally the better approach/offer would win though. Its not like making bids on eBay, its more like you both hiring the same PI


Lol. To prevent them from being traced back to you? They’re on this guy’s website right now and he has his name all over it.

The concern is more of someone riding the energy you used back into your face. You can put up wards and set you own defenses against someone using your name and info against you, if you even put your real info

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Daemons are not things and it’s not going to help you if you talk to it like that.
Do you already have such an item? If so how are you treating the Spirit it connects too?

Most people who sell items like that are not fools and will safeguard themselves in their own ways. I would expect it to be in place.

The Daemon helps both, there is no “winning”, and the level of help depends on each individual. There are probably hundreds of people calling the same Daemon right now lol.

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Bribery and compulsion do wonders on human-minded intelligences, OP! Put some rocks in a bag that was knitted with a pattern, and you have a portable prison industrial complex! :slight_smile:

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Through the power of scamming people.

Demons don’t “belong” to people. They’ll work with whoever they wish. I’m sure if you tried to own them they’ll get pissed off though.


My first actual LOL of the day. Thanks for that! :joy:


You’re correct, OP! There’s a lot of stuff the owners of this site put on their clients and forum members, all it takes is a lateral perspective and an unbiased eye to see their ‘covert affairs’. It’s adorable!

Spirits and demons get trapped and dominated by tribal magic all the time. How are you looking to control them? :slight_smile:

Demons are part of the human body, same as Angels. You can give them life, like a hologram, from the perspective of the mind.
Take in mind that in our bodies each cell in reality has it’s own personality. There are higher demons and angels and lessed demons and angels.

Per example Lord of the Air Lucifer/YHWH/Horus, in reality this are metaphors for Thymus Gland in the body.
What is located below the heart all called demons, what is located above the heart are called angels in common folklore. But from another perspective Angels are the chakras/angles and peripheral secondary organs (non glands) are called Demons.
Leviathan per example is another part located on the lower right side of the body and so on…

So to answer your question:
If you awaken, then you can command parts of a dormant human being to your will.

I dare you to take over this whole forum then.

Which ever one has the greater will … my will be done

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Anyone can call on any spirit you arent Stealing Demons, you are in fact just Parasiting/Feeding off someone else.

What makes a demon “as ownerahip” to someo else is what has alreasy neen discussed as a Binding. What this binding means at the source is a Persons “Personal Relationship” to the spirit in question. Ultimately, this goes beyond Bindings as some individuals have relationships that are deeper where their souls go way back.

So say of you have an individual who was a normy getting into magick and a Coven created a private connection of a demon to said individual, the demon i. A sense is still the individuals due to the fact that there is already established karmic ties. So 'owning" a spirit is just ignorance on what it really means.

Some Sorcerors mix the energy of demons with their souls so in a sense “own it” because it is a part of themselves. If you have multiple people doing that, then there is a Heirarchy of Importance based on certain criteria of who has the most true ownership, or to put it more properly the Proper Relationship, because lets face it…we all already “own” our own relational ties.

Trying to steal a deeply embedded relationship is a waste of time. Especially when the relationship is so deeply embedded it is tje embodiment of the persons very physical existence. What you should be doing is creating your own binding relationships instead. For example… If you do the proper binding, then two people could work with Satan and he will manifest in a different way even and there will be little to no cross over both on tje physical level as well as the other higher astral and “mental” levels. Thus, you will naturally get all sorts of people making claims such as Satan appearing as a Nordic who is like a Super Friendly Jesus Character…on the other hand you will have the Edge Lord version.