Be Honest

it’s really serious
First of all i think i’m the only younger one and very new in this group…
So you my all friends treat me as yours little bro…
So honestly, could u all my brothers honestly tell me that are these Demonic entities are real are these supernatural powers real???
Reply quick…

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Depending on how old you are, you’re wrong about that.

Yeah. But I’m not gonna sit here and prove anything though.


Ok brother

Please, Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum.


Brother could you give your some time to me.
Cause my life is not giving me that sh!t i want…
I am just leading a normal life but that’s not what i want i want a cool badass life…
I really have some questions for you…

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I really have some questions for you…

Well, post the questions and we’ll all try and help.

Introduce yourself first. Then we can talk. @Lady_Eva will give you a link to the rules as well.


So brothers my first question is our Demons all around the world anywhere anytime we could contact them…???

Its Are in place of our

They aren’t in this plane, so yes, anyone can contact them anytime.

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Ok am all ears now. What is it you want to ask me?


Can i use sigil magic to do what i want

Well what is it that you want to do?

If you meen just going around just doing what ever you want when you want. Magick doesn’t exactly work way.

To help you reach an end goal, yes.

I have to pop off for now, but there are meny hear that are willing to guide you, also the search function is very helpful.

what lord Mephistopheles could do for me???

1 lots of women on here to so the word siblings is more appropriate than brothers

  1. Yes they are real and what sigil you use depends on what exactly you want to accomplish, and you can also make your own for an intended purpose. Use the search function and search for sigil making and charging advice.

  2. You’re not the only young person or newbie on here. I’m only 23 . So don’t be disheartened by your youth and inexperience. There are lots of people on here who can and want to help you out.

  3. Skepticism will hinder you as it tends to make you question and even silence your inner voice. I’m not saying that questioning is bad in general, but keep that in mind.

Welcome and good luck to you.


What lord Mephistopheles is really best for
Which task it could do???

All that glitters ain’t gold…be careful what you wish for.