I need to destroy someone really badly

Now don’t try to shame without knowing the full story, This target is toxic mother fucker he need to suffer hard he has revealed my deepest secrets and now I need revenge. Another prove you can’t trust no one, You don’t give me what I want ? I will shame you with your past. Fuck that shit he was asking me for a deal but I refused so he insisted to threat me and now my closest friends know what I went trough. that kids tried to burn me and tied me on a tree. That I went trough a very rough past basically they are using it as a joke now. I mean common what kind of sick joke is that. I went to depression I sent him my old pictures and he leaked it too… I’m done with this group of friends, Time to Find a new one even tho I’m above 6’ foot tall and now good and fit looking I went trough a lot I have tattooed my self learned martial arts as a self defensive mechanism all to avoid that past. But when you can’t hide your past and they are using it as a joke to laugh at you you know it’s time to move on, God I hate empty air head people…

Use the search function of the forum. There are many threads from other people asking this very same thing and there are very good replies.


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Yeah best to avoid being friends with psychopaths…


Belial, Belial, Belial!!!

Tell him how you feel, tell him what you have gone through. Vent out your frustrations.

Tell him about these oppressors, and to give you strength to handle them.

A blood sacrifice for your troubles must be made to the king in order to have such destruction.


He just took over my mind as I said that!!!


Thanks my dudes. Appreciate your help I’m going to contact belial very soon. hopefully he can guide me towards their distraction no sympathy no shit from them, i’m smoking a joint to cool my self down. I hate stupid air head people, They all need to pay hard for their stupidity of mocking me on that shit. I hope they are Prepared for judgment.


Know that the revenge will be effective. Save your fury for when you vent it all out in ritual, and then only feel satisfied that you know it has worked

Tested some rituals today was amazed by the power the universe has to offer me. I have printed quite a few picture of the enemy and The guidance for me is simple. release the desperation in a positive way feel as if he has been destroyed and devastated in to the darkness. As for the Hatred release push it to the limit and then do stuff that making you feel good as you feel like the enemy already suffering.

You have to truly connect to that darkness and feel genuine intention, It’s time for me to play my cards right. I have no empathy towards creatures such as him. Just pathetic 50 iq clueless friend that used me for my business achievements quite irritating but it’s fine finally his true face came out, Also towards my research on my self the more I realized when I’m pushing my self to feel good and feeling the feelings of my goals I get immediately response,

I feel entitled to everything I have a good business quite nice apartment. Relationships for me are useless I don’t need emotional bullshit right now I’m acting as a superior I threw-out all of my precious relationships. I’m working on my self my porpoise and I’m sick and tired of the immaturity, I became alone in the past few weeks and I don’t need any validation or anything from other people not sad just know human nature and how your best close friend can become unreliable snake. Every one are getting hurt in some point this is really the highlights all my gym friends and my social media will get ignored until I find the way to believe again in humanity and people,

I’m going to delete everything. Instagram Facebook Snapchat I’m done with that shit. I will go travel in the darkness for a while self improvement no people maybe one friend at a time but I’m done officially with social circles. Fake snakes, I think I’m gonna fly to Japan learn some real culture martial arts mediations, Yoga and all that versatility. ITS TIME TO CHILL FOR A LITTLE BIT release my mind from people especially attached people there is no way I will be able to get attached ever again too many experiences about jealousy and attempts to destroy me but I’m still standing and if you wanna say it’s not all people don’t generalize well that’s human nature all interests and when things not going their way especially in business and money they are getting angry and defensive. it’s time for me to take a step back and disappear from everything. Learn about my self but most importantly how to hide my identity and job, This is the last time I’m sharing with anyone what I’m doing in life I’m glad I’m Annonymous here, I will now use burner phone just for safety.


Contact the demon Omen. He is a very capable demon who will be able to do the task for you.

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Abaddon foe torture

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There are spells that might work, if not, you could always be smart and find ways to get pay back, or…hitman perhaps, if it’s that serious, you don’t have to pay to kill, you could pay to rough them up, or scare the shit out of them and make them stop with their b.s.

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