Games of chance, betting, sports trading etc. Hail Bune, Lord Clauneck, Lebezerin Gremory

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I also choose brain. Beauty fades but the soul stays the same

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No one ever said anything about selling yourself nor using others for their money. Your misreading the message. let me try to re-explain since your attractive you have more opportunity to open doors then the normal looking folks. It’s easier to network and stuff. It’s a fact that attractiveness is a tool of persuasion. It’s also easier for you to meet way more people in the dating scene so you got choices. Your also more able to meet more financial stable people and get more doors open as well as learn from them. U two are reading with low vibration thoughts. :man_shrugging: don’t dismiss beauty. your were born with it for a reason and use it if it’s to your benefit. And i know you probaby use it without knowing. IN this world we function base on looks and it matters a big deal in business. A unkept person will get less chance than someone who looks clean. Thats a fact.

Try from Franz Bardon’s Spirit Evocation, this spirit 195: Iserag (21º Virgo)

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I don’t know if the divination helps with the proper timing too. :man_shrugging: Maybe combination of all. The divination to figure out favored timing and include the spells for luck. I also look at the astrology too if it’s more favorable day to me. Like today. i went. It wasn’t good due to pig hr which clash with my wealth element fire. One should not do important activity if there is a clash of one’s birth date. I only went cuz i was off work. I could of avoided the lost if I was more careful to not play at tables with bad players. I could of stayed with slots and maybe i would of done good. I actually won with my free play however i decided to go to table and that’s when it went downhill. I didn’t lost all that i won last time. just some. There were times of being very lucky streak but i didn’t let it ride. I should. I predict the outcome on the bonus too yet didn’t put out the money. So i could of gotten ahead if i did.

How can a beginner be very perfect at these very methods of us?

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It’s called practice. There is no perfect skill.

I did it again. Argh!!! After asking asmoday to win on free play for couple to few hundred, he delivered. 2nd spin won 250 on free play. Then got stupid n lost it all n then some . Should of left. Down and ask asmoday again to get to positive n he delivered. However, I got stubborn n lost it all. So the lesson is . LEAVE!! When your request had been fulfilled by demon. I know it’s demon helping cuz I ask on specific machine.


Great results man…I think it’s time to follow your method. Also you got to ask from an entity to help you control your emotions and be humble when you are winning,it’s also very important for one’s growth and for your wallet also.

It’s getting consistent. Greed for more will get u . Lol

Over here in the UK, the year’s biggest horse racing festival is about to start tommorow. I’ve already got some bets set in advance, but also I’m exploiting the offers bookies promote around these events, so will be getting some risk free bets eg bet £10 if your horse doesn’t win get £10 refund. It’s my way of targeting no risk or low risk gambling to practise this stuff!

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to sum it up. I have asmoday ring. mammon ring . and 2nd and 4th pentacle jupiter. I also wear 7 olympic spirit pendant. Any one of those can help me. I ask petition for asmoday. I do the activation words for the key of solomon. And do the sigil ee-ell money ritual.

I think asmoday alone can work as he’s gambling demon king. I ,however, use all those to cover my bases. I think the jupiter key of solomon talisman has some contribution. AS for mammon. I didn’t ask him or invoke him. I just like his sigil. lol


Just to follow up, I made around £200 from the Cheltenham festival- which turned out to be the last major horse racing event in UK before Lockdown.

I actually focused on a very simple ritual, I picked a sigils from Zanna Blaise’s 72 Sigils of Power, using the number 46 prosperity, open to recieve for 2 days prior to it as well as having completed an extra 11 day cycle from Damon Brand’s Magickal Riches.


Prosperity (Sehahl) is actually number 45 in the book :slight_smile:

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Hmm, wouldn’t invoking of Kairos, the God of opportunity be better than any of the fortune giving gods when it comes to game of chance, betting, sports trading or anything like that?

Just invoke all of them. U never know which ones will fulfill your request. It’s like throwing a handful of spaghetti on the wall and hope one sticks lol. A man can be knockdown with a punch but highly unlikely. It takes multiple blows to do real damage.


I do not think this will work well, I think you will end up with a bottle neck situation with that.

The best is to stay with one entity and both you and it will improve as long it is in use since it can think and learn.

no bottle neck. This is magick. It can all be done together. Different demons have different paths to get to the same goal. So many ways to win. Each demons have their preference of games.

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Yes you’re right wrong number!

In the past I’ve also used 21- Nelach: Reverse the fall/bad luck in the middle of a sporting event and turned losing positions into winning or break even ones or given me insight into how to exit the position. Doing it on Betting exchanges like Betfair wllows you to exit position rather than straight betting, where sometimes you can’t cash out.

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There’s lots of ways to do intelligent cambling imo, its not just random chance, a “mug” punter just bets on anything, no strategy, no research. The magick just gives you an extra edge. If you are able to find an edge or value bet, or you could do it the other way round and ask the magick to help you find the edge, imo that is the most pragmatic way of doing it.

For example there are lots of online casino games which are known for having a higher chance of winning, high RTP. Blackjack, Age of Gods Games, Bloodsuckers 1… Now what you do is look for an offer the casino gives out which will give you an even chance of winning e.g. wager £10 get 15, 20 free spins. Lots of bookies and casinos will give you a starting offer where you get free spins, a free bet to begin with, so you can also pocket them and wait for them to do other deals via email or whatever.