Is it possible to capture Zozo the Ouija board demon

I want to know in theory, is possible to capture Zozo. Possibly using a Sigil traps. My aunt who’s a practitioner of voodoo said a sealing jar could possibly do it. I just want your opinions. Because I want to do the impossible.

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Just play with the Ouija Board and invite Zozo into you. Offer yourself to him. ( At your own risk)

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You want to do the impossible? There are many practitioners who have already done that and you can find many posts here related to sealing entities in jars. Is this a wise choice? In my opinion no, but knock yourself out.
If you really want to do the impossible and blow our minds , go make an introduction as stated above.


I would not say it is impossible, but may not be a wise idea. If you are going to trap a spirit into an object, like a jar, you best be prepared to make sure it does not get out. You are essentially creating a prison for the spirit and the longer it is stuck in there, the more pissed off it is going to be, which can lead to greater harm in the future. I have yet heard of a spirit trapping spell that went well for the magician.

As the story goes, even Solomon learned the hard way about imprisoning a spirit when Asmodeus finally got freed after being dragged from his home.


Oh out of curiosity, what happened to Solomon?

I’m intrigued! I’m sure it was probably very bad, you know due to the fact that it wasn’t just one being he did that to…wasn’t it all 72?


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According to the one of the legends, Asmodeus threw solomon miles away from Jerusalem and claimed the kingdom as his own.


Oh not quite what I was expecting…unless he was litterly thrown…but obviously not. Well thanks, although I’m sure he got some consequences for stuff like that…

Actually, it was literal in the legend lol. But I think what might have actually happened as far as the history behind the story was that Jursaelm may have gotten sacked and invaded for a period of time due to the whole thing.


Makes sense, Solomon probably didn’t fair any better then Jursaelem did.

I just like to see justice done. His methods of dealing with demons and such were seen more as control/punishment type? Trapping and such?

If not that, least all 72 demons will remember him well from the affair.

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According to Jewish legends, pretty much. The tradition continues in Solomonic magic. It is efficient for others, but it is not my style personally.


Same, I don’t agree with how he handled them. Also no being is going to want to work/help someone if that person is controlling/trapping/binding them to their will.

Sure …it MIGHT work for A LITTLE bit… but nothing lasts forever (well that category I find atleast) and there are always consequences to ANY action be a good or bad one. As consequences themselves are not good or bad but a result or outcome from an action. The word just sounds like a bad omen.

Demons have an easier/more approachable to those who treat them as equals with respect of course, and trapping is quite the opposite.


Asmodeus is like the most alpha male high testosterone demon :joy:

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He can be lol. It is interesting, as he can also come across as an old scholarly type or the trickerster persona as well. He is definitely one of my favorites to work with



Why in the unholy fires of hell would anyone want to trap a demon instead of talking with them about the secrets of the World, getting some interesting diverse informations or having fun with them, going on parties, have sex with them and so on?


Anyways if anyone has a problem with a demon just banish and tell him or her to go away but with resolution and totally serious. A ritual of cord cutting is ok too for that. After all that is done don’t stop with magic cause that is a big mistake. Another pantheon will do just fine.

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are you talking about the one who enslaved all 72 to do his bidding? lol i think they made him pay for that lol

Yes, but it was all the 72 that got back at him, just Asmodeus. And he did by taking Solomon’s kingdom away for a time, according to the story.

Asmodeus was the one said to have freed the rest and told Solomon that his kingdom is only temporary and will crumble.

interesting, I thought itd be Lucifer since he was the only one who wasnt enslaved i think