Death hex for rapist

I will :pray:t6:

So sorry this happened to you. Speaking from experience (I could write a book but I’ll try and just give some succinct suggestions.)

You could put a general shout out asking which sprits, entities, demons, gods/goddesses would like to work with you on this and see who shows up. Personally, years ago, I did this by getting into state and meditating with great intent and openness on a candle. The results were pretty cool.

An experience like this can show you who your friends are, for sure. Real and true friends you can trust are generally pretty rare and yes FUCK anyone who doesn’t beleive you. It is shitty but unfortunately common. I would save your spiritual jam to curse the flesh turd who violated you and I know you have the wrath to get it done. Intention being everything, that is powerful enough and I would guess the spiritual assistance will come. You are right and you have ancestors as someone else mentioned that are just as pissed off. I wish you the best of luck and man is it satisfying to watch it work.

Oh yeah, divination before spellcasting can be handy and a simple pendulum might help answer some yes or no questions. If your impulse is to just get to it, great. Your wrath is your greatest assistance here and you will have success. Revenge is the best revenge.

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I’ve done a bit of work towards those involved, havent really opened the floodgates how I want because I’m waiting for 2 items to come in. But I already have presented the issue to my ancestors and turns out later in the day I did there was an earthquake in another part of town(I didnt feel it, someone else told me. I’m very big on my ancestors and the earth so i took that as a good sign.)

Thank you for all your support. Every single one of you. Also I been working with Lilith in the protection from evil men/empowering aspect, asking her for strength/healing and to see through the deceit and lies before me… last night had some pretty crazy dreams involving a ritual with a baby but it was a man and it’s like they were chasing me, I was speaking a language I dont and so were the men, idk if She was trying to show me a part of her past or what (cause I know shes been persecuted too in a sense)… does anyone have an experience with that/dreams from Lilith?


definetly have use for this as I have 3 daughters who have all been. thanx

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Hey Luciana,
I feel I left a couple of important things out of my little tidbits so need to add those! But also your dream sounds scary and if you feel that’s what the meaning is, don’t second guess yourself because only you know. The dreams that are ‘more than just dreams’ are always obviously so because you just KNOW. I had a lot of both terrifying nightmares and powerful spiritual dreams after an assault.
The couple little things I wanted to add are that counselling can be very helpful and even though this is a ‘magical’ forum, if EMDR is done with a psychologist who knows how to do it effectively it is so effective and pretty damn magical. It’s been proven effective with combat vets and I used it to heal some extreme PTSD.
The other li’l thing is healing baths. They can be great just by themselves or before a ritual and especially after doing heavy cursing work. There are lots of recipes online and how-tos on that and you don’t need to use hyssop although you’ll probably see it’s the most commonly recommended.
Hail Lilith! :green_heart:strong text

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I will take that into account as I like the element water and anything related to it. Spiritual baths are something i do regularly and will probably make a big batch of something after i sit with the idea in my spirit and let it come to me. I utilize a lot of cleansing herbs (mints, citrusy herbs/fruits, etc), hyssop being a favorite of mine as well.

When I dreamed the dream I didnt feel as scared as I should have, it was almost like I was watching something from another person’s eyes. Like my skin didnt even look like my skin so that’s what was making me think I was seeing her memories or maybe an experience she had. I still want to get to know her so I’m just being open to what lesson shes trying to teach me right now. Even in that terrifying ordeal it’s like she still acted from a place of unshakeable power and strength. That’s very much needed for me right now.


Lilith all the way. She HATES women being taken advantage of, especially sexually, and will go out of her way to help you. You did the right thing in channelling her. Before I called her, I experienced her coming to me in flashes, like a quick scene in an action movie. She’s amazing to work with and her results are impeccable. All the best to you on your journey with her, and most of all, let that rage come out! She’ll stir it up in you anyway


Curious as to how it’s going! You sound like you’re not a beginner and you totally ‘got this’.

It’s actually a great reminder for me to work with Lilith, myself. I’ve been meaning to.

I honour Lucifer regularly and have had great results working with Vine whom I adore. I think Lilith and I would get along great too though from what I have gleaned. This is truly a fascinating path and always full of surprises.

Happy Hexing!!!

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Well the 2 dudes that I know were definitely involved have stopped sniffing around me, i think they were trying to gauge how much i remember by seeing how I responded. I dont talk to any of the people involved much so idk the details of their lives other than the gf of one dude involved. Apparently he is going through depression and they’re having money problems.

Idk anything about the main guy that drugged me, i blocked him on everything cause i dont even want to see his face.

Healing wise I feel Lilith is guiding me, i dont feel as hurtful inside or distrustful of my own judgement and learning to take pleasure in being a woman.

I actually went out with friends last weekend and wasnt reduced to a big puddle of anxiety and was able to flirt a little. Lilith i think helped me cross paths with a priestess recently who is going to help begin my initiation. I visited her 2 days ago and right in her entry way she has 3 statues of owls…

Safe to say I think Lilith is definitely very active atm.


Wow, Luciana!

That couldn’t be better news and I’m so happy for you! My healing came much slower.

The irl synchronisity of the owls being at the priestess’s door! What a beautiful confirmation that Lilith is guiding and protecting you and encouraging you on your path!!! Amazing!

How did you find this priestess? What sort of initiation? This may be too personal for the public forum and i would have DM’d that question but haven’t figured out how to do that yet. :joy::thinking:. Actually I’m so curious that even a tidbit of an answer would be great!!!

Again, I’m so happy for you and that’s fantastic news.

Brightest Blessings!!! :green_heart::sparkles:strong text

Oh its not too personal, I’ve been wanting to get initiated into Regla de Ocha for years and its been a slow process. Ive had one mentor that didnt work out before this mentor, he was just trying to get all my money.

The woman who I’m looking to be my Godmother I’ve met only once before but that was before we had settled into this arrangement. I was introduced to her through someone else who I fell out with, he actually turned on my Godmother, me, and my Godsister so its like that had to happen to bring us together. He was a scumbag honestly but everything serves a purpose.

I still am wanting vengance and don’t have doubt ill get it. Depression and money problems is great but death is better LOL. I feel like working with Lilith is teaching me not to stay stuck/obsessed with it and to remember the power of my womanhood.

I’ve been healing for months, so I understand and think Lilith is just helping it along. 2 months before now I was a wreck. Wasnt working and wouldnt leave the house. There are still sometimes where i cancel dates/outings last minute because i dont feel comfortable. The time before I tried going out ended up with me hiding in a bathroom with a panic attack so… this has been a long time coming but I’m definitely grateful and have still been getting to know Lilith.

I even made her a rosary and owl pendant I wear for protection and strength. I never take it off.

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Googling Regla de Ocha!

Thank you for your response. Me responding to your initial post has now turned into a big inspiration for me. :green_heart:

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How can I contact my ancestors, please?

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I guess it depends on your ancestry, like knowing where you come from and the traditional ways of spirit communication. Figure out the spiritual practices of your deceased family members or even just learning more about their lives. has a great free trial which can go back 4 generations so that helped me loads.

It can always be as simple as having a candle, glass of water and the picture(s) of any deceased loved ones you met in life on a table on top of a white cloth.

If unfamiliar with your ancestry you can just address the spirits of the ancestors who walk with you in general during prayer, ask them to reveal themselves to you and to give you guidance. Do it consistently. Like with any relationship its going to take time and effort


@Luciana beat me to the punch lol that is how I contact them. If working with the recent deceased, it helps to have something that you associate with them as a focal point (for example, my grandmother was catholic so I have a cross with a candle I will light when I wish to send a prayer to her). For more distant ancestors, or to assemble all of them, I will call my ancestors of blood and oath while mediating with a candle lit. When I feel their presence, I address them my issue that I need help with, along with some offerings.

But this is just how I do it, there are many others as ancestor worship/reverence has been practiced all over the world. I encourage you to explore how it is done throughout different cultures, especially ones your family comes from, and see if anything clicks. If not, the candle method works just fine


Thank you @Luciana and @Dralukmun

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My own personal opinion on this generally revolves around a painful, excruciating death.

Although, I’m in an extremely dark mode right now, so most of my advice is going to be centered around killing people.

I’ve never believed in forgiveness, but I do agree that we have to make sure that the right person is punished. Just make sure that punishment is as vindictive and brutal as you can possibly imagine.


Your bed caught on fire???

I was on this website because a man violently raped me and got away with it. I couldn’t walk for over a month. I really wanted to do something terrible to him but damn… after reading what you wrote I’m a little terrified now

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Don’t be. Be vengeful and strong. DM me any time.

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