I summoned a succubus, um now what?

So I was really curious about the spirit world and Satan with a capital S told me some serious things that I wont repeat. It awoke me. At first I tried levitating objects (I couldnt) and speaking to spirits. That worked really well. He told me that was my gift and I can speak to his children. He guided me to researching different types of demons and I found a succubus through a very simple trance and ritual. Our first time was amazing my eyes were closed and I felt everything. Wellll I didn’t know how to ground my magicks afterwards and drained myself. The next day I called upon the powers of Satan and my succubus while working out because I was drained. It was amazing. I felt the course of energy like I had drank 5 monsters. But the crash has been brutal. She manifested her eyes and tried to manifest the whole face but my body trembled with what I can describe as natural instincts of terror. She told me that it would happen and I was rushing things. But she said our bond got stronger. I want to continue growing this but I need to replenish my energy. She doesn’t want me to get depleted. Are there any good techniques or methods I can do to help me here? I would love to hear any and all feedback.


@succupedia I summon you forth to help out this lost child…:full_moon_with_face::cherry_blossom:

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Hey thanks for letting me know. I took a few moments to include some info on that.

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you summoned her and you saw just her eye?

Yeah she’s been telling me that she’s more more of a spiritual bond. I sometimes see like shadows out of the corner of the eye or feel her pressure on me in varying degrees.

Careful that it doesn’t just become being haunted. Succubi and Incubi are much more than simple sexual entities. Imo.

Best of luck and outcome to you. I hope “she” is everything you’re going for. Cheers.

OK so if you have ever worked with your energy directly then this will be easier but one method is to focus on drawing in energy from either a source such as the earth or from your surroundings and people around you.

Thanks. For those of you interested, I can now see a very much complete body but not made of matter especially in the area I focus at.

Oops almost let out a secret. She got me tho! :ok_hand::smiling_imp::heart_eyes:

wow happy to hear that! how did you do that?