Blackcraft - sinister, or edgelords?

This is not intended as an advertisement, it is a legitimate query of mine as to a company.

Do any of you know if the Blackcraft Cult clothing line are actually Satanic, or are they just milking demonic imagery for the shock value? The reason I ask is because I hesitate on purchasing their overpriced shirts as I simply do not feel comfortable giving my monies to edgy atheists and LaVeyan current “Satanists” who only use Satanic symbolism for the purpose of shocking the mundanes and appearing all evil and spooky. From what I understand, if you order from them your parcel is accompanied by a faux-apologetic letter what states that “we do not actually believe in Satan, we just appreciate his imagery as a symbol of freedom”, and other self-fellatio LaVeyan rambling. So does anyone know if they have actual links to the CoS and are making profit off rebellious yuppies just like Anton used to way back when he was still alive? Or are they actual spiritual Satanists who practice the protocol of dissimulation and deception so as to pull the wool over the eyes of the mundanes and not give away their true beliefs? Your answers will determine whether I waste my cash on their merch or not.:stuck_out_tongue:


This forum is not a review site, so we can’t really comment on whether another company is “Satanic” or not. It is not our place to do so.


All I’m asking is whether anyone has credible knowledge on their associations, or whether they’re merely using Satan for shock value like a risque Hot Topic. Signs seem to point to the latter statement, but maybe someone knows better and can give me the straight dope.

I don’t know if that brand is satanic or have any links to CoS. I think you wanna support fellow magicians, right? I personally would never wear any type of so called ‘Satanic’ clothing which is hella overpriced, because I don’t wanna show that I’m an occultist and I don’t like to spend my money on overpriced shit, and most people that wear them are just atheists and wannabe bad-boys. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t buy it, go ahead and buy it if you want, but if your main purpose of buying that clothing is to support fellow magicians then BALG also sells clothing, phone covers, etc, but they’re overpriced too.


My point exactly, at least with BALG I know we’re batting for the same team. And still a better bargain than Blackcraft.:thinking:


Well who cares? If you like it, buy it.

You realize CoS is LaVeyan right? He created it… 0.o

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Also “Demonic” doesn’t mean Satanic. A lot of people here are not Satanists but work with Daemons.


Yes, I’m aware of that. What I’m referring to is the “default” Satanic imagery of “Hail Satan”, “666” and other cliché’s.

I was just using the adjective “LaVeyan” to refer to the CoS “LARPtanism” as opposed to “spiritual/theistic/traditional” Satanism.
(and yes, I’m aware Anton LaVey was low-key spiritual Satanist but eliminated all elements of said belief from his church, but that’s beside the point)

I was just making sure where you were coming from. Your statement implied CoS was “real” Satanism and LaVey was not, which makes no sense since it is his church. If i misunderstood that, then that’s on me of course.

As for if they are just milking, probably. Unfortunately most are. I rarely find any Occult, Satanic or Metaphysical shop that isn’t over priced, poorly made, fake ass shit. There are a lot of good small online shops however that are the real deal but get swept under the rug by these large scale guys.

I have been VERY skeptical of BALG merch but have watched videos and seen it’s quality plus after reading a few of the authors and free books i have much more faith their stuff is legit even if it is high priced.
Can’t give much more though, but maybe try to find videos on their merchandise. This could help out. Try to find somewhat neutral videos though or you won’t get any good judgments from it.

We are? Which team is this?

In all seriousness,these are businesses. Mission statements aside, what is the function of a for-profit business entity? Maybe the folks at Blackcraft are dedicated black magickians…but use the money to buy trafficked children to diddle. Would them being practitioners somehow make it cool you gave them loot?

I guess my point is, who honestly gives a shit without first knowing every ounce of details to truly make that kind of thing an informed decision? At the end of the day…


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it’s hot topic edgy goth clothing

Lol Hot Topic isn’t even Goth anymore… it’s bad :wink:

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Agreed, plus the forum rules actually deny any comercial add’s or suggestions.
you can ask specific persons for opinion, but that’s about it.



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I see the prep kids and college students go there all the time I personally go there so I can creep up on the hot alternative tattooed chicks who work there…

Actually took the vampire test on the site you linked there, Alita.

Looks quite devastating :smile:

There hardly wasn’t a way to say no to these questions. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Their mission statement makes it clear that they’re atheists or agnostics, not Satanists. It states they are opposed to organized religion and that would include Satanism.

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