Sitri, Sallos or another spirit for a delicate situation?

I didn’t understand you intention
Is it that you want to find out if he has feellings for you?
Want him to be intensively lust over you ?

No, I know he has feelings for me.

What I want to do is increase those feelings x100, to the point where he can’t hold it in anymore and tells me. Professor/student relationships where I am from, are supposed to be strictly professional, because both of us can get in trouble. Which is why he hasn’t told me.


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I think sitir and sallos are exclant for thes matter so as Eligor and dantalion
You just have to explain how you want it exactly and they’ll get straight to business
If your not new to evok/invok
I suggest summoning each one of them and asking them if there capable to grant your desire
Not all demons are in the matters of love/lust
So why don’t you have small business meeting and decide who you want to get the job done :sweat_smile:


now this is some hot porno type shit right here. Okay…so given the circumstances…going the extreme lust route is the way to go. Thats really the only way to get a ĝuy under these circumstances to slip up. Also, something i learned from @Lady_Eva is that a good way to pull a person closer to you is by interacting with that persons higher self directly. The higher self can be convinced that you would be good for him, and help you to meet that end. Simply the fåct that you know magic makes you an asset, and a higher self will likely see the long term benefits of that. So try that out. If anything pornographic happens between the two of you, be sure to brief us

:joy: @anon63404644, I think a small business meeting is just what I need to do! Thank you for the advice as well as making me laugh.

@Verdo I’ll be sure to give you ALL the deets in excruciating detail if anything happens :wink: However, what is working with the higher self? How do I appeal to his?

I guess I’ll contact Sitri for the sucker punch, and after he slips, Sallos to assure he stays faithful.


excellent excellent

so contacting a higher self is basically done the same way you evoke a spirit i believe. Lady eva can probably shed more light on it, but heres a couple posts she made about ît

P.S. be sure to introduce yourself to the community in our new members thread :slight_smile:

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So, a little update. Evoked Prince Sitri twice. The first time, I was doing a pre-ritual 4 penny divination and just got carried away. Didn’t see or feel much so decided to try again after consulting a spirit of mine.

Two days later, I went all out, chanting his enn, during the dawn of the day (he’s a day spirit), faced west, completely nude, wine offering, incense and red candle. Again, I used penny divination. He instructed me to write the pact down and then sign it, and to taste his offering. I asked if he’d like a blood offering, and if he would like it on his sigil. He said yes, so I dabbed a bit of my menstrual blood, and closed the ritual.

The pact? If he were to bring my intended to me, the energy produced during intercourse would be his to harvest. We agreed upon renewing this pact every 6 months.

The evocation has produced some…results. I haven’t seen my professor yet, but I went to the salon today, and all I could smell was the particular incense I used during the ritual, as if were all around me, and suddenly it was gone again. Instead of clairvoyent or clairaudient, I like to call myself clairolfactory, because I can always smell the spirits around me, no joke. Also, I have been incredibly horny, like too horny for my normal self. Everything gets me riled up. I call that a sign Prince Sitri heard me.

As to the results? I’ll report back when I see him. Like I said before, this professor is a backwards little fucker. I worked with my spirits to woo him before, and he just retreated even more. Normally I would start simple like honey spells and fruit offerings to my orishas and the like which works just fine, but thanks to his nature I had to resort to…lustier means. Here’s hoping Prince Sitri will finally sway him.


Did you get any bad feelings from sitri ? I want to summon him to make some women/students in my school lust after me .

damn that sounds intense! Im honestly here hoping that he fucks your lights out in his office during one of his office hours. :slight_smile: best wait now and see where things go


@TheRookie Prince Sitri’s a day spirit. I often find that any fear or trepidation comes from being in the dark during rituals. I had a small lamp and the light of the day shining through, plus the candle, and I felt fine. Evoke him during the day. Oh, and just be super duper respectful and proper. Everything else is optional. If your senses aren’t too developed, try using divination methods to speak to him. There’s 4 pennies, 4 pieces of coconut, 4 sea shells, pendulum, tarot, and probably a bunch more. I use 4 pennies because I come from Santeria, where we throw coconut pieces or sea shells to divine, so I used pennies instead because I evoked sitting on the floor, and pennies aren’t so unwieldy. Coconut pieces are thrown standing. If you don’t offer anything, I at the very least recommend a pact. From the experiences I’ve read, pacts are a great way to motivate, especially if you don’t’ have a working relationship with him. Just be respectful and you’ll be fine. Oh, and you might get become really horny, but that comes with the territory, I suppose.

@Verdo :joy: :joy: oooooooooo you already know. Honestly, that’s kinda my goal, you done read my mind. Everytime I visualize him and I together my mind always leads to a scene in an office. If it goes down like that, you’ll be the first to know, I promise!


Can I use incense a divination method ?

hahaha. honestly the moment i heard he was your professor, i immediately imagined him calling you to his office one day to ‘‘look over a paper’’. As you walk in, he tells you to close the door behind you. You both sit down and he starts talking, and you notice that hes struggling to get the words out due to nervousness, but you know exactly what he wants. Its been building in him for days, if not weeks…and he can barely contain it anymore. You dont need words though. You put your foot up on his crotch from underneath the desk and he starts blushing. Its on by this point. You come around to him, giving him the chance to finally go to work on you…and he works that hole of yours like its the last one he’ll ever pound.

God damn…you’d get my full salute


try black pullet seduction spirit’s …

i have worked with them several times and every time there was "that moment " I should have taken advantage of .

but after 2014-15 my confidence with women have decreased and that’s why I failed to take the oppurtunity presented by the spirits

Could you link me this that @Lady_Eva has written? This sounds like a worthwhile thing to have knowledge of.

yeah i posted it earlier in the thread. its the link to her post titled ‘‘Evocation of my personal daemon’’


@TheRookie Yes, but that is much harder. Things like divination by candle fire and wax, as well as incense are a lot more vague and therefore harder to glean any information from, if you’re not experienced. The penny method provides you with either a clear yes, no, or maybe. I guess I like to deal in absolutes lol. I would hate to sit there and ponder over if the incense smoke blew left, right, center, and what the hell it even means. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, imo, especially when dealing with spirits. Not that it isn’t a legitimate practice, but I wouldn’t try it when evoking a goetic prince for the first time.

@Verdo :flushed: Well, gotta go rub one off now. Oh my. Have you considered a career as a smut author?

@HellDevil Have you worked with the spirits using the black and red candle method? The one that requires you to bathe, have a picture and repeat the ritual for three days? Or are there others?

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How do i do the penny method then ?

Is this a good example ?

hahaha…well ive considered becoming a writer, not necessarily smut though :stuck_out_tongue:

So after I ask him a question , I throw the pennies to get my answer ?